Tuesday, December 30, 2008

StoryTime (ST) Launches Ms. Cleland's Debut Short Story

Dear Wo Se Ekyir Readers,
As many of you know, I keep this blog because I love Ghana and want to write about the life here, but another key reason why I maintain Wo Se Ekyir... is to keep me writing as I am an aspiring novelist. I'm very pleased to announce that I responded to Ivor Hartmann's invitation to submit a story to StoryTime, which was accepted, and recently launched! I couldn't be more thrilled!

Here's what Ivor Hartmann had to say about it: "ST is very happy to proudly present, Esi W. Cleland and her debut ST story, Choices.

In just 1099 words Esi takes us on a breathless satori of love that leaps to the skies and transcends time/space, there to fly free like Icarus and kiss the rising sun. But as the title suggests, is their love strong enough to out-soar the shears of social conventions?

A bold, vivid and heart-felt story, Choices clearly marks Esi W. Cleland as a most promising new author".

Readers, enjoy, and leave me comments on my StoryTime Page. If you like this story and any of my other works, then you should check out other new fiction by African writers on StoryTime.


  1. Now you are getting the recognition you deserve Esi well done on a very well written ,descriptive and poignant story

    :D way to go

  2. you force.

    Awansona Miimi

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. Esi this is great. You will the next big writer in Africa. i am happy for you.
    Do you know of African Path?
    i think your stories and articles will d0 really good on there
    chao n keep blogging

  5. Pablo, thanks for your encouragement and for reading Wo Se Ekyir... It keeps me going. When are you starting your blog?

    @Awansona Miimi:) Thanks. What does your name mean?

    @Anonymous. Thanks, and thanks for reading. How much longer till the booker prize?

    @ Ghanagirl, thanks for the vote of confidence. I did not know about African Path until you sent the link. I'll check it out.

    @Everyone...Happy New Year!

  6. Way to go! Good for you, girl! I'm proud to call you my friend.

  7. my sister! Boy am I glad to "meet" you. Am an aspiring novelist myself--been working on it since 2006, though technically started in 2000, and picked it up in 2006. You can read my post here abt that interest.

    Will definitely check that site out--as well as your story.


  8. @Thanks, Max.

    @ Emmanuel, i read ur post. If you're still in Ghana, we shd meet up. There's a lot to talk about.