Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Talk About Love: A view from Ghana

What is a Ghanaian woman to do,
When on 14 February,
She is appropriately clad,
In a mod crimson top,
Long black pants that hug her curves,
And 4 inch heels she'd like to try dancing in?

What is a Ghanaian woman to do
On this perfect chocolate day,
It is raining outside,
And she'd rather be curled in bed,
When Mr. Ghana, is so so far away,
In that great land America?

What is a Ghanaian woman to do,
When a man nearer by,
Calls her on Valentine's day
Just to remind her that he's still available,
In case she has changed her mind,
And no longer wants to wait
for that long distance love?

What is a Ghanaian woman to do,
When she has only coins in her wallet,
And her phone units are all gone,
From talking with a sick friend,
Just drive through the rain,
To her own empty bed?

*I created the picture using the words in my poem on


  1. Nice one Esi. Just wondering...should it not be February 14?

  2. Nice one there Esi. Just wondering...should it not be 14 February?

  3. Love this poem! Wow, you are truly multi-talented. I am assuming the question in the poem is rhetorical?

  4. what did you do? Esi, i beginning to assume what happened to you on the 14th. Sorry if it's so.

  5. Long distance love doesnt always make the heart grow fonder, on the other hand it always makes for asking important questions in life. Good luck with finding your answer and thanks for sharing.

    Love the "word art" will for sure do something using wordle soon!

  6. Woman, if your lover makes your body twirl
    Like tantric smoke.

    If your head goes in ecstatic swirl
    From your lover’s stroke.

    If your toes curl and finger unfurl
    In your lover’s strong arms of oak.

    And he assuages your tears of pearls
    With lips so baroque.

    If you can tell
    He’ll give a long and crazy walk

    Then sleep out this lonely rainy hell
    And dream of the loving loins of your bloke

    – El Barbudo

  7. Clean lines. I like. Like Nii Saki, I like the clear narrative presented in an 'as if' manner with the rhetorical questions!

  8. Good stuff, Esi. Good stuff. Food for thought.

  9. @Nana,Thanks:) I was hoping you would give suggestions of things a ghanaian woman in such a position could do. ideas?

    @Nii Saki, does it matter?

    @Kajsa, wordle is awesome. looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    @Anonymous, oh anonymous! A long and crazy walk eh? Do you know Jill Scott's "A long walk"? That song just kills me, man. Especially the part where she sings:
    "Let's take a long walk around the park after dark, Find a spot for us to spark
    Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
    Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations,Elevations, maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18"...that woman describes my perfect date:) And yeah, sounds like sleeping it out may be the way to go. except one wonders about alternative realities:)

    @Nana Yaw, hehe. thanks. All i know is stories. whether mine or someone else's does it matter? mystory is your story is our story. By the way, what is a ghanaian woman to do?

    @Emmanuel, what did you do that rainy night? and what should a ghanaian woman do?

    @Merrymary, thanks. how would you spend your rainy night?

  10. Love it. I was quite the sour person this Feb 14. LOL! Maybe I should write about it.

    ~Linda B

    (Ps. I gave up facebook for Lent) lol