Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 or 4 reasons why you should choose the handsome guy over the rich one

Hi Guys,
Great new development! Enjoy!

This is just a trial. I'll be doing some ones on life in Ghana if you like this.


  1. Loving this podcast!!! You keep this up Esi and very soon we'll be clamoring for a "Time with Esi Cleland radio show." Seriously though, I think your voice is great for radio so if you're ever looking for a new interest...

    I especially loved:
    -"You wake up from a nightmare to a face worse than the nightmare." Lol wtheck!!!!!

    -"Just you wait until he's 70."
    Oh no! But by then you'll be immune to the face I guess.

    To add to the conversation: I have a problem with how much we tend to assume that there is an automatic correlation between gorgeousness and love. VERY good looking people are sometimes (if not often) full of themselves and that is hard to love. Classic example: Beauty and the Beast.

    Anyway, loved loved loved this. KEEP EM COMING!

    ps: i owe you an apology for the no-show at KOP. will email.

  2. sorry Esi but i couldnt download it! my system does not allow me to. Can we have a written version to go with it?

  3. Sorry Nii Ayi. I didn't write anything for this. I just said it from my mind so I never actually put thoughts on paper. In the future I'll try to do a little write-up to go with it. Some topics are more fun when you talk about them than when you write but i'll try. Sorry you missed out on this one.

    @Debbie, guess who made it to kantamanto this week?! and ate nkatecake? hehe. I'm glad you liked the podcast. Who knows? I may have my own radio of these days.It would be a great way to unwind after work. For now i'm enjoying work, and playing around with this. Not to worry about KOP.

  4. @Nii Ayi, i found your email address on ur blog so i'm emailing u the mp3 file. enjoy!

  5. I loved it Esi!! your voice is dje,lol. You should seriously have your own show. I would love to hear more podcasts please.
    P.S - what station is the show Sister Sister on and what time does it come on? Thanks

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Is alll I can say! You were right on the money! LOL!!!

  7. I looooved listening to this! I agree with Miss H , you should have a spot on radio or something- you sure do have the voice for it.
    By the way , a good -looking man, with a nasty attitude can turn ugly really fast ;) Looking forward to more stuff!

  8. Love the voice, but disagree, money or looks don't really appeal to me so much, but if i had to absolutely choose, i would choose the rich guy, after all there is a lot you can do with money but U cant do much with looks. The bible says money answers all things, lets take a cue from there.

  9. i loved this podcast. maybe you could also do a vlog(video blogging) so everyone can see your lovely face.

  10. Wow Esi your voice is very lovely. We your readers can now connect the voice with your great writings.

    Ok about the handsome guy, you said he can make money in the future but wht if he is lazy? We have to ask why is this handsome guy poor? Esi i know some really handsome men that use their cuteness to lure women to take of them.
    They know women will fall for them just cos they are hot... wht do you say about that.? I personally will love to be with a handsome guy but not whn I have to take care of them with my own pocket money
    some women like to flow their cash on handsome poor guys but thats not love.... is probably all sex..
    If the guy is handsome, poor and hardworkin g then sure. He has to be willing to change his situation. I mean we can have all the cutest kids in the world but if your man has no money, then the burden is on you

  11. Sista, wo brofo y3 d3w papa lol. It's hard to pick one over the other. I mean, I'm poor so I'm going to be a little impatient waiting for a handsome guy to make money. On the other hand, God don't fix ugly :-D.

    I'm mad you said it's hard to love an ugly child though (you didn't say it say it but you said it). Just because I'm mad doesn't mean I don't agree with you LOL.

  12. hahaha...your voice does sound great! You sound like you went to school in, so you will choose the the handsome guy huh?...hehe...why is Mr. Handsome guy poor? Isn't there a statistic that shows that handsome/ good looking people easily get jobs? Mr. Handsome guy must be lazy! (totally tripping here)

    Mr Rich guy on the other hand can get plastic surgery if he so chooses! If he is rich and he is not a trust fund baby, then he must be intelligent and must probably have good work ethics. I think as time goes on when you get to know someone, u tend to overlook their physical appearance too. I might be wrong. Ofcourse having the whole package rocks too.

    By the way, odo y3 d3 sen sika, sika nso y3d3 sen odo! go figure...

    The podcast idea is mad cool:)

  13. lol! I'm torn between the rich guy and handsome guy. Which, I think is okay... because I'm sitting here thinking, "Well is the handsome guy at least smart? Can I have a stimulating conversation with him?"

    Either way, I value a beautiful man, but for me, the man's personality determines whether I think he's handsome or not. Unless the man looks like the guy on your podcast. LOL! But I have yet to actually meet someone like that.

    Now, does the rich guy HAVE to be ugly? lol I can't imagine someone with no redeeming qualities at all.

    On second thought, I might have to take the handsome guy. You say that you want your kids to look cute. If I'm not even attracted to the person, there will be no possibility of children in the first place! I'll just have to pray that the handsome guy has a good personality and a trust fund. :)

  14. Loved this podcast and it encouraged me to come out of my usual lurking mode to comment on my fellow Lizz Wright lover's blog. So hi guys! Anyway, back to the topic....

    This is such a difficult question and I don't know if your arguments have convinced me completely. I think people can underestimate just how hard money problems can be on a marriage. I actually think that money problems in addition to infidelity issues can pose the biggest threats to any marriage IMO.

    Just how ugly is the guy? Lol. I tend to go for unconventionally handsome guys anyway but the 'handsome' part still has to be there somewhere! Man this is a tough one....

  15. Loved this!!! Laughed all through. But handsome don't buy diamonds, gal! I go for rich... and have a handsome gigolo(like the one in d pix) at the side! How bout that! Hahaha.
    But seriously, I wont look at either option(money or looks) to choose. I would look at how much he loves me...and I love him. C'est ca!

  16. Esi,

    I think its a question of attraction. A guy can be ugly and still be attractive. If in this case ugly = unattractive, then I have no problem with making the looks choice.

    As for your nightmare example, all I could say was .."oh Esi!"
    I also hope you are ready to fight off all the other women who will want your man for the same reasons. God forbid these women are hotter than yourself.....asEm aba! Now you are going to spend your time monitoring Mr. Handsome if you are insecure about yourself.

    Finally I think I must have heard somewhere that "sika yE ahowofE" - if not then I just made it up. I think 50% of beauty is money, another 50% is natural and the final 50% is personality so Mr.Rich can do some magic.

    Lovely voice Esi - are you pretty or rich? :)

  17. Esi, that was an interesting podcast, my college and I couldn't help laugh out. We said we were going to ask our female colleges before I play the podcast to them. That was an insightful topic. Am loving it.

  18. i normally just read but i just wanted to let u know how much i enjoy wo se ekyir. esp. for a 'mama samo' in the making like me. lol. great job, n for this topic i'd definitely choose the handsome guy if n only if they were equal in everything else. i can make my own money but i can't buy a cute face for my better half for use in public. haha! but if the difference in looks isn't much then bye bye 'apollo' and hello oskani belebele. take care woarabae.

  19. Esi, as a strong independent woman (!, you know I have to plug the women's college mantra), I do agree with your assessment that you can always make your own money and so you don't need the the rich guy.

    But all things being equal, I will have to say that I would probably pick the rich guy.

    First of all, as cliched as this may sound, personality is so much more important to me than looks. Usually (stereotyping alert!), the handsome guys are jerks. I mean who wouldn't be if half of the world's population is falling over themselves for them. On the other hand, not so handsome guys have usually learnt to compensate for their lack of looks (they often have to work harder to attract) and so are often nicer.

    And haven't you heard Esi, men are like fine wine. They only improve with age. So sure, you hot guy may get hotter, but so will my not so hot guy.

    Secondly, I find ambition and a strong work ethic so, so attractive. I am assuming that this rich guy has had to work for his money(and wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth). A guy who knows what he wants and goes for it is so hot!

    Another thing that another commenter also mentioned, hot guys always have women throwing themselves at them. As much as I can trust the guy I am with, sometimes there is so much a guy can stand before he falls for some huchi mama, even if he really doesn't want to. Sure, girls will go after my rich guy too, but they will have to try to get to know him first to figure out he's rich, and that involves work that most of the types I am concerned about are not willing to put in.

    Additionally, I must say that I find really hot guys (like the guy in the photo) intimidating. Must be my own insecurities talking but really... Beyond me thinking that he would look and find me wanting, I also tend to think that he probably spends so much time in the gym he won't make time for me.

    Finally, in line with my own future goals (humanitarian and non-profit stuff - watch out world!) a rich guy will help get me there faster than waiting for this handsome guy to start making his hypothetical money.

  20. Dear Esi,

    This is an interesting and wonderful blog site. Your opinion about whether who to choose; the rich or the handsome has gotten me into thinking after listening to your podcast. Anyway, this is just my personal views and thoughts. Personally, there’s no one in this world could judge whether a person is ugly or handsome. Different people might have different perceptions regarding this issue. I wouldn’t be saying that a person is ugly based on the first impression. There are many other things besides appearances. Moreover, the better looking or what people would refer to as “handsome” or “good looking” guys might not be truthful or faithful to you. I wouldn’t want to live my life with a person who is unfaithful to me. It is one of the most important criteria to women based on many research. Frankly, I would be better off without any partners if these things were to happen to me.

    However, based on the topic that has been mentioned above, I will definitely go for the rich one. * Bare in mind, not everyone who is rich is ugly. Why would someone actually go against money? Money is the most important assets in our life. In some society, which I’ve seen before, really don’t care much about money. Nonetheless, deep inside them, money is important to move on with life. Will you be in front of the computer writing blogs, enjoying food, travelling and etc. if you do not have money? The reality is, money is also important in a marriage too. Many cases involved money which led to divorce, not only in the States but everywhere else. Whether people like or hate it, people still have to realize that money is basically the key to everything, but does "LOOKS" promise you a happier life? Think about it!

    * This is just my personal views about it. No hard feelings ;)

  21. Thanks again for sending me the file.
    It is a tricky difficult situation (otherwise we wouldn't be discussing it!).

    The odds is strongly in favour of the riches guy unless his face is serious ''kakai'', then he would most likely win.!

    Knowing women they would consider a lot of things before coming to a conclusion. The most important ingredient is the views of their close friends and whether the rags/poor guy would be ''acceptable''. If the rich guy is not as handsome as Boris Kodjoe but is okay/''fine aa'' in the eyes of the ladys friends then the riches guy would win.
    A survey of Ghanaian womens view would most likely confirm this view i.e the monies have it!

  22. @ first Anonymous, the sister sister show is on city fm

    @2nd anonymous and nyams. thanks. will be bringing u more. just watch this space.

    @Adwoa...i don't have a video recorder.maybe i'll do a vlog someday.

    @the broke african,
    i feel you on the handsome but lazy men thing. How it would suck to be walking in town with some fine brother, meanwhile he's milking you of everything you have.

    @ Aya,
    well, hopefully the kids won't be ugly since the mans ugly features will be toned down 'cos ur genes are also involved. lol.

    @ Maxine. I want the whoooooole package. but odo y3d3 sen sika for sure. or so i think.

    @lovelylind,hehe, the handsome guy and the rich guy are equally matched in everything else. so all u have to do is choose between rich and handsome. lol.

    @Sankofa, yay, Lizz Wright! I can't get enough of that lady. You make a good point about money problems. But damn, u thinking about waking up everyday next to the ugg guy? lol. maybe he'll grow on u. lol.

    @kayna, so u're going to eat ur cake and have it uh? marry the rich one and keep the handsome one on the side. so will u sleep with the ugly rich man? shiee!

    @Anonymous, am i pretty or rich. Boff of the two of them combined! hehe.

    thanks for reading. more coming soon.

    @Pammie, thanks for reading. U shd play it to ur husband and laugh out loud.hehe. Will try to keep em coming. Visit Gh. soon.

    TweetyJill, there is ugly and there's ugly. I don't know if u can handle this degree of ugg:) Best of luck with humanitarian ambitions.

    @Suani, welcome to the blog. so u'll go for the rich guy huh? alright, invite me to the wedding:) But for real, what are u going to do when u wake up from the

    yeah well money can only take you so far. lol@ kakai. The rich guys is not fina aaa...but it looks like in general, rich wins. If i were a guy, i'd take a cue from this. It would be interesting to know whether men would choose a rich but ugly woman over a poor but beautiful woman. Hehe, i just asked the guys i work with and it looks like opinion is divided. some say they'll take the rich girl's money and fix her up and others say naa, they can't deal with an ugly girl. hmm...

  23. Esi,

    You are so hilarious! If you really do love a person, you won't even have a nightmare! You will love the person with all your heart! Isn't that true? Anyway, your blog captured my attention because of "suani". That is my name. What does that mean in Ghana?

  24. Esi, wow, didnt know thats how u sound now, u sound really good. Anyway back to your topic riches over looks. I just posed the question to the guys in my office, lets just say i started a heated argument.

    Initially the girls wanted to go fo looks but stopped short of fully backing it and raising an important issue of attraction. Because obviously u met a guy who was drop dead gorgeous but there is something about his attitude that just does not click with then it would never happen.

    Then there is the case of the 'ugly' guy who makes u feel happy, treats u well and has got money or rather works hard for his money... then i know which one i will be going for.

    On the other hand, if i met a broke-ass guy who is trying to make earns meat and is gawgeous and treats me well... then that is a different situation.

    On a personal level I would take ambition (not necessarily riches) over looks any day. But if ambition comes with looks, faithfulness and all the good things i want... then i guess thats a plus and am in heaven :-)

  25. Esi, its really fascinating to know that certain people are always ahead of you in every step. I had really dreamt of doing something like this and there you go. I guess U simply are a genius huh ?

  26. Esi i forgot to add this comment,
    your voice sounds like one of those Walt Disney animations,, can't remember which one? Pocahontas))

  27. can you turn off the music that starts playing when people log on to your site? Some people log in from work and the sudden outburst of music can be embarassing. Thanks!

  28. @NaUs^GaL, i think suani means student or someone who studies. Ghanaians, help me out here:)Welcome to the blog. Add "visit Ghana" to your list of 101 things to do before you're 50. It's a beautiful place.

    y_cul, thanks, thanks. my voice has always been this way o. but i suspect the reason u didn't notice is 'cos it came with my ugly face. lol. which brings me to my point that if the person is ugly, it is damn hard to appreciate their good points. Like an ugly guy who smells great. I mean, even if u notice, u won't notice.haha!

    Okay, i should get serious. you make good points about the ambitious guy but don't forget that the two guys we're assessing have the same attributes in all other ways. So they're either both hard-working or both lazy.Life is always more complicated than that but assuming u had 2 guys who were identical in everyway except that one was ugly but rich and the other was poor but handsome, which would u choose? hehe.
    At my workplace, the debate continues. One guy said he'll go for the rich ugly girl 'cos the poor but beautiful girl is probably only "humble" because she has no money, so if she later becomes rich, she may dump him. But as for the rich girl, she has her dough so she must really want him for him. It's a good point but the argument could also be made that the rich but ugly girl will also stay with him because she's ugly and will not have as many prospects as hot girls. sigh...I'm slowly being convinced to join the dark side....i.e. choose the rich guy over the poor handsome one...except i feel for my unborn kids:) hehe.

    @Tagoe, ooo, u dey flow me fans o. thanks, thanks. Me naa, i'd been thinking about it for a long time,but you just need to jump in. You shd go for it. It would be nice to have a few ghana blogs doing this. It's healthy competition. In the end,readers win because we give them better content and it's more interesting for everyone. So you should do it and nudge me when you do so i can check it out.

    @Nii Ayi, eish, Pocahontas paa?! See, I'd love to do voice-overs for a cartoon character...a ghanaian one...omg. i'm thinking of zingaro's akolaa woo ko he? me de me nwoma no ko library. hehe. But for real, i wish someone would create some awesome ghanaian cartoon characters and invite me to be one of them. it'd be mad fun. You have computer animation skills?

  29. Oops, sorry anonymous. thanks for the heads up.i usually have my sound muted so i had no idea. I think someone else complained about it several months ago and i fixed it but let me take a second look at it.

  30. interestingly, I can't ever remember hearing you speak- I love your voice!

  31. Highly amusing: podcast and comments alike! :) I find the fact that the question is posed at all to be fascinating commentary on the different ways men and women view their relationships with each other. Flip the genders in the question and I can almost guarantee the the hot chick wins! No debate.

  32. Just pray your kids take your looks. God answers prayers lol! I've had a few days to think about this again and I think I'm sticking with the rich guy. You say they have equal personalities so I guess that's a non-issue. It's weird because I don't think I'm wrapped up in money but it does have the strange ability to make people more attractive. It's my opinion that money (and by default, confidence) are the only reasons people like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have women. Let's face it, one looks like a camel and the other looks like Gollum. Money truly talks in our world!

  33. Lol! well, physical beauty is an issue for me but inner beauty is an even bigger plus. Given that their equally matched in everything else I'll probably pick rich over pretty because rich is as sweet as pretty(with money).
    Plus richness=freshness which partially substitutes for looks.
    As for my kids, my genes should be strong enough to override such negative externalities

  34. Nudge Nudge......... Well I got a semi podcast....there are more words though... I intend to come up with a full podcast next week. You can take a peep at my latest post anyway.... Let me warn you its a PG 30 so you should ask permission from your Mum I lied.........Its just a story about how women use sex to enslave men

  35. Hi Esi, I agree with you , we should have Gh animations, I'd like my kids growing up and seeing superheros with black skins and speaking in Gh English. Anyway I tried getting the animation software and learning on my own, but the costs and accoutrements needed to do this prevented me from doing so. Its actually a full time job.

  36. comment from Odi.

    Esi, odo ye de sen sika, nso sika nso ma odo yede. Dabi dabi ebeyeye can put you in no parking, especially when he is handsome. Its best to know your reward from the beginning.

    Wanted to post this on blog but could not. How do i post comments? Must be my work PC will try again at home.

    Good work on your writing by the way. I have been reading your stories and publications all day instead of concentrating on my experiment. Haha

    Have a nice day

  37. that was great, you are fun to listen to, and i totally agree with you. This is my first time on your blog, i'll definately check it out from now on.

  38. well u definately have a point.. .. am a guy ma self and come to think of it.. i'd better spend time lukn naturally nice than but am impressed tho.... keep it up... but money counts ..sista it does.. lady wants to gets stuck with some broke..... yeah.. u keep it up... and ur language was clean .. i like it.... kojo..

  39. Thoughts of a SimpletonNovember 09, 2009 4:31 PM

    Very interesting. I will choose the rich guy. I know it is nice to have good looking brother around.

    If i wear to fall in love with the rich guy- I will stick with him. Love knows no bounds. He, share his wealth of knowledge and i can start my own business etc. then, Me, a gorgeous woman and him, a hearty man- can create beautiful babies together.

    Look at Beyoncee and Jay Z- many say he is ugly, but i think he is a handsome man. And guess whatt-he got a beautiful woman. Goes to show- It is all about the heart.