Friday, June 12, 2009

How to get the best international magazines and newspapers if you live in Ghana

I signed on to get The Economist and Time magazines delivered to me at work, and i received my first installments today. I'm so thrilled about it that I interviewed the delivery guy.

The company is Crystal Link Ventures. You can reach them on the following telephone numbers:027-728-0465 , 026-711-7744, 021-239-685. Your contact person and delivery guy is Samuel Aboagye.

Crystal Link currently delivers to Cal bank, Agric Devt. Bank, Stanchart, and individuals.

You can order Time, The Economist, Newsweek, Vogue, Essence, Ebony, Hello, Source, Vibe or any other magazine. Prices vary from GHC 5 to GHC monthly depending on if it's a weekly or monthly magazine.

They also deliver newspapers like Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, USA Today, Daily Mail, Daily telegraph and so on.

Ironically they don't deliver Ghanaian magazines or newspapers even though we're in Ghana. When asked why, they say...because you can get them on the streets. I think they should though.

Anyway, at least now you can get your dose of international news or entertainment news, as you drink some nescafe coffee with sugar bread and butter as I'm doing this morning. Not bad. Not bad at all.


  1. Welcome! Actually Crystal Link have been around for a while, and generally give pretty good service, in my view. I know of at least one other company that offers a similar service.

  2. Which other company offers the service, Nina?

  3. Esi, you need to send these folks an invoice for the ad and don't forget to include my 'cut'!

    nice one!

  4. Exactly Novisi, ask Esi how much they paid her for the ad. Anyways forget about ur "cut." Esi, why have you disappeared from the system like that?