Friday, June 19, 2009

The New Ghanaian Man

When Ato* is in the kitchen,

wearing an apron,

and old school dad ,

comes in and says,

ei, na adan besia a? (tr: have you now turned into a girl?)

new-school Ato responds,

ɔnyɛ besia nkotsee na ɔbɔ eyi yɛ edziban o (it is not only girls who wear aprons, and cook)

*Ato is my little brother who has been mentioned in previous blog posts like Ghanaian Humor, Guess who is debating the issues and A Ghanaian breakfast

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  1. May the new Ghanaian man prosper!

  2. I like that. The new age Ghanaian Man.

  3. Ei!!!I am liking your brother. I hope as he grows up he doesn't conform to rigid norms of masculinity

  4. This is the (new) old Ghanaian man. The ancestors definitely had something to go on when they coined "Barima nkwan yɛ dɛ". Simple:)

  5. very soon the new Ghanaian man too would carry a baby for 9 months non-stop!

    and then the delivery shall be upon us!

    a new baby!

    nice one!

  6. There you go, Esi!
    For millions of Ghanaian men staying in the traditional family compound (with the extended family), the idea of cooking will forever remain a taboo because of the fear of being ridiculed.
    Many more will be free to experiment with cooking if they had a place of their own away from the prying eyes of the 'culture police'.

  7. I want to marry Ato! Esi, can I have him?

  8. It depends I must say. For men living in compound houses, they surely would want to avoid going to the kitchen for for obvious reasons. The other men who can afford to live in their own homes too can as well afford to hire a maid or househelp. So in both stories the man will avoid the apron.
    That lives the men in the middle.....if I may ask,how many are they?