Friday, July 03, 2009

7 of my favorite Ghana blogs

Every so often (don't u love Ghana English?), I get emails from friends, and sometimes even people I don't know asking me for links to other Ghana blogs. In my email response, I send them a link or two, and also point them to Ghana Bloggers. Usually I find myself fighting back the urge to add a caveat like well uh...actually, don't get your hopes up.


How would I feel if someone said that about my blog. Not good. But we're not talking about feel good stuff right now. I think we can get so much better but unless we objectively assess and realise that generally we kiiiinda suck, we'll never push ourselves to rise above present standard. My personal goal is to get my writing to this level. I don't think Ghana bloggers are there yet. My thoughts on this crystalized about 2 weeks ago when my boss asked me what my favorite blog is, and I blurted out, without having to think, "Her name is Dr. Weems." Her blog is called Something Within. It's written by a Reverend minister. Yeah, yeah, I know! Who would have thought that Ms. Esi here who has once again veered away from the Godly path, reads a blog which is chiefly about faith and African-Americans? But the reasons I love Dr. Weems' blog are a) quality of the writing, b) she has a voice (read opinion), c) the content is always relevant. And best of all, d) she always gets me to think. For all these reasons, even though my favorite topic to read about right now is Ghana, and she has never written about Ghana or Ghanaians, still I find myself regularly checking out her blog.

Who can fault me for not digging Ghana blogs?

So yeah. Ghana bloggers, myself inclusive need to step it up. But we also need the right kind of readers. Active readers. Active participants. Because the spirit of a blog depends not only on the voice behind the blog but also on the kinds of conversations and community a reader engages with when s/he visits that blog. I was discussing with a friend about how when I read NYTimes blogs, I sometimes learn more from the comments than from the articles. And I keep going back because the conversations can go on for days; they're enlightening; they're brilliant and they challenge me.

That said, there are good Ghana blogs out there. Some I know about. Others I hope to discover with your help. Here are 7 of my favorites. Some bigger blogs are not on this list. It's not because I think they suck. Some of them are actually really good. But these are the ones I like to read and this is what I think about them.

1. Illuminated
What shall I say? Illuminated is everything that a blog should be. I scoff at bloggers who think their lives are so interesting that the world would care to read their personal diaries. But what is a blog without personal anecdotes, and opinion? The voice behind Illuminated achieves that blend of the personal with the general, and consistently makes her opinions (and she has many) known without being preachy-something I personally struggle with. I just wish more people knew about this blog because I think comments from active readers could easily make this one of the widest read blogs. At least I think it should be. It's a shame that the writer seems to be one of those who blog for sheege (tr: kicks) and does little to nothing to point people to her blog. But hey, maybe if you're that good, one reader will tell another reader...

2. Motherhood: Learning on the job
Unlike koranteng's Toli and Illuminated (two of the blogs which made my list), this blog is written by a Ghanaian living in Ghana. The writer is a Ghanaian mother who writes about motherhood and her kids. Did i hear an eeek? Yeah, that's what I would've said too. But I'm happy to report that even though she talks about the kind of candid, aww-inspiring, cutesy stuff only married people get to do, what you get is sensible, honest, straight talk, and in beautiful language too. We're spared the random ramblings that we've cometo associate with mom blogs.

3. Koranteng's Toli
I love love love this blog. Detailed, well written, informative, smart, and in blonde girl speak, totally rad! Of all the Ghana blogs I read, Koranteng's strikes me as the best-researched. So it's the kind of thing you want more of, but that's where Koranteng fails. The blog is updated with the regularity of water flow in Ashale-Botwe; it takes so long that you give up expecting it. I'm going to cut Koranteng a little bit of slack because he's one of the few bloggers who actually delivers on exactly the kind of content I value and also because good articles take time to research and write. Still, I think Koranteng can do better. His last entry was posted on March 18...that's too damn long to have readers checking back.

4. Famosfreddy
What kind of person names herself famosfreddy before she actually becomes famous? You've got to hand it to her. She's got balls, that famos freddie. Unusual name for a Ghana blog, certainly. I like that. And I can't deny that when Freddy describes her writing as witty and fun, she 's not too far from the mark. So really, Famosfreddy wouldn't be on this list, except...she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth! I left a comment on her blog a couple of days ago and she responded so we know she isn't err what's the word? indisposed? So famosfreddy just needs to do what gets people famous - besting their acts over and over.

5. Adventures from the bedrooms of African women
It's about sex, and love, and relationships. It's about African women and the women who love them (how about a world which isn't heteronormative?). Okay, men too :) The blog is great for plain talk, and the many anonymous comments which detail everything from sexual fantasies to err...whether they'd take std tests. I wish the writing wouldn't differ so obviously from one day to next but maybe that sort of thing is unavoidable when a blog is written by more than one person.

6. Anti-Rhythm
What does anti-rhythm mean? Different. Alternative? Against rhythm? Maybe. So you check the blog. And there are days when the writing is brilliant. But there are also days when you read three sentences in a row and still don't know what the writer is getting at. So being of the old-fashioned view that if the reader does not understand what the writer is trying to communicate, the writer has failed, I have not yet fallen in love with this blog. I love stories so I'd appreciate more stories and less word-smithing. Still I think it has oodles and oodles of potential because as I said, there are days when it's pure delight. And because it's updated so regularly, there's always something to read here when everyone else fails. Also, people who love poems seem to like it so you just have to make up your own mind about this one.

7. Nana Kofi Acquah

A photoblog. The only Ghana photoblogger I know. If you know any more, tell us. Just because he's the only one doing what he's doing, I think he deserves mention. I like this blog best when the photos are supported by stories. Also, he took my profile photo!

End of list.

I welcome you to share your personal favorites with us in the comments section.

Alright, gotta run. My coworkers are rapping. And i've gotta go represent. Spit some game, ya know what I mean? No i'm not kidding. I work at the funnest place on earth.

But before I run off, what are your favorite Ghana blogs, and why do you like 'em so? Help us discover where the action is. And if you have a Ghana blog, and think we should know about it, post a link in the comments section, and we'll come check it out.

ps: There are some promising new Ghana blogs and I plan to do a post on top 10 new blogs soon so let me know if there's a new blog you like.


  1. I guess for me, blogging has alwasy been a personal thing so having an audience actually freaks me out! but I do agree with you. I have read some pretty impressive blogs and thought to myself " this person should be a journalist!". Most of the Nigerian blogs I read have a lot of social comedic content but they are quite fun to read and I can only hope to someday be as entertaining in my writing. You are well on your way my dearest Esi! well on your way!

    Oh by the way, Something within, totally awesome!

  2. here's Mercy's.

    you might like. you might dislike.

    she's outracing baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    i love pito, but i love this too:

  3. 'ps: There are some promising new Ghana blogs and I plan to do a post on top 10 new blogs soon so let me know if there's a new blog you like.' - I like what you said right there and can't wait for you to fulfill your promise!! We are trying Esi, we are... and I am very hopeful that the next time you write about your favourite Ghanaian blogs, mine would be one of them!! :) I've put up a couple more entries, you guys should totally check them out at especially the 'Infidelity.... Generic to the XY Chromosome' (my latest) and 'Judge Not'.. Cheers

  4. One more thing... how do I become a part of Gregarius??

  5. Hi Ms Cleland,

    Thank you for showing me some love and for giving me feedback. Will check out the blogs you recommended, I don't think I follow any of them at the moment. Oh and by the way you are in my personal top 3 of Ghanaian bloggers


  6. Thanks for the shoutout, Esi! I guess I don't really advertise the blog because a) that would make me obliged to update it more, and b) there's some personal (and controversial) opinions on there that i'd rather not have my dad read (he tends to stalk me online, ugh). I should write a post about that.

  7. Thanks Esi for the informative list, a couple of your fav blogs I've not seen before and I am a collector of Ghanaian blogs so that's like xmas.

    ps. Are you a blogger in Ghana not present on Email me on kajsahallberg at

  8. nice one Esi, thanks for this. I agree that FamosFreddy should get back to blogging and mad props to pace-setters like Koranteng's Toli.

  9. What qualifies a blog as a "Ghana blog"?

  10. @ Oluniyi, ah, an interesting question. Any blog about Ghana or with regular references to Ghana or Ghanaians. Blogs about issues that are interesting and relevant for Ghanaians. It's a loose definition...but i figure the more inclusive the better. What do you call a Ghana blog, Oluniyi?

    @MIghTy African...i'm gonna send FamosFreddy an email to tell her we miss her posts.I'll probably send her a link of this conversation. I'm sure she'll be tickled.

    @Kajsa, thanks for responding to The African Princess. Enjoy the new blogs. I'm discovering some new ones myself...

    @AB, can you blog about your stalker dad? hehe. I kind of wish i had a stalker dad. Mine doesn't even know i have a blog whose url is inspired by a name he invented: maameous...oh well...grass looking greener. etc. And yes, u shd update more often.

    @Nana, oh thanks thanks. I mean to do a guest blog on urs soon if u'll have me...especially now that i've shot myself in the foot by saying there're too many voices. hehe.

    @The African Princess, thanks for posting the link to ur blog here. Will be doing the top 10 new blog soon. so keep checking this space. Email Kajsa to get on GhanaBloggers.

    @Novisi,i actually knew of Mercy's blog. Read it a few times, but thanks for pointing others to it. The more people know about it the better.

    @Max, guess who i met recently at a Nestle Gh. event? Evelyn...ur sister. I'd seen photos of her from ur fb albums but had never met her. I shd check out some Nigerian blogs? Can you recommend one or two?

  11. You met my sister? awww... did you say hi to her? She tends to be shy if she doesn't know you but she is a really nice kid!...hehehe.. ofcourse she is my sister, I am biased! oh check out she is quite funny...

  12. Looks like Famos Freddie has another site:

  13. Thanks for this, Esi. Veyr much food for thought for all of us. As the ghanaian blogging community rises astronomically, the choice of a "best blog" becomes all-too-tenuous, IMHO. We all have streaks of brilliance which we demonstrate in different ways in our blogs. PLUS if time is not on our side for blogging (as blogging is as much about making time away from work), that tends to inhibit creativity!

    All that said, I would recommend, which style is so very different from some of the other blogs I have read. That's Abby; you might know her.

    That said,