Monday, August 03, 2009

Top 8 new, promising, and fabulous Ghana blogs

There are now 146 Ghana blogs listed on Afrigator, making Ghana the 5th most active African country in terms of blogging. Ghana follows behind South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt in that order. Not shabby. Not shabby at all.

Zoom into Ghana. The top 5 Ghana blogs as listed by Afrigator today are:
1. My heart’s in Accra
2. Oluniyi David Ajao
3. Accra By Day & Night
4. Nubian Cheetah
5. Wo Se Ekyir: What your mamma never told you about Ghana

You probably already know about these blogs, afterall,they're in the top 5 because you read them. If you didn't, well, there they are. But these are all old blogs...even Wo Se Ekyir will be one year old in a week or so. But there are some new blogs that not that many people know about, even though they're good and should be of interest to Ghanaian blog readers.

So the purpose of this blog post is to tell you about 10 of such blogs.What criteria am I using to shortlist these ten? Well, I had to come up with something. So I did.1. Blog must have been in existence for not more than 1 year2. Blog must be interesting, regularly updated and well written3. Blog must be relevant for Ghanaians.Here goes:

1.Contagious Accra
Contagious Accra is a new blog for anyone who loves Accra. It's a positive space.The blog looks at the issues that affect people in Accra in fresh new ways. I believe their last blog entry was about "Bukom: beyond the stereotype". Also, just last week when I wrote about my experience at XL Night Club, Nana, Kwegyirba and others asked about alternative hangouts in Accra.So if you're interested in checking out some new joints, check out contagious accra's list of alternative hangouts in Accra.

2. Ghana Hall of Shame
As it's name suggests, this blog is for anyone who has a service-related complaint to make about any Ghanaian institution. So say you went to a restaurant and found a worm in your food, or if you're like me and had to sit in line for 30 minutes last Saturday at the Ecobank branch at the mall, with no one telling you anything and this has happened to you 3 times in a row, well, this blog is for you. The blog hopes that if enough Ghanaians use it, hopefully the institutions that we complain about will be forced to improve their services. Everyone wins.

3. Good News from Ghana
Do a 180 from Ghana Hall of Shame and you'll find Good news from Ghana. Its simple mission is to document positive and inspiring stories from Ghana. So anytime you stumble upon something really cool, let them know, and they'll write about it. Or if you win a Nobel prize, believe me...they'd certainly write about that! So go do great things so you'll be on their front page.

4.Boakyewaa Glover
Boakyewaa is a Ghanaian writer who also blogs. I believe she's written a book - Circles - that is soon to launch. She blogs mostly on relationships and life.

5. NiseyKnits
A blog on knitting, written by the knitter, a Ghanaian. Usually a knitting blog would not make this list...afterall how often do Ghanaians living in Ghana need knitted stuff? But I just had to include it because all the proceeds from knitted stuff are donated to Ghanaian NGOs. One of them is Ghana Think.

6. Haunted Shell
I only found this blog today and I decided to include it because of the look and feel. It's very beautifully done. All of us bloggers could learn a thing or two about user experience from this blog. Love the design. Love the colors, love the way it's organised. The blogger is an IT guy who writes a lot on computers and related IT stuff.

7. Makola Law
If you have questions only a Ghana lawyer can answer, this is the blog to go to. It's a very very new blog, with only one entry but still I think it is a good idea, and that many Ghanaians will find it useful.

8. When Things Fall Apart
Newsy. Reminds me of Koranteng's Toli.

Finally, these two blogs:Kaleidoscope, and Expression and Poesy did not make my list of top 8 new blogs for one reason alone: It looks like they're still trying to find their focus. Which is fine. Sometimes that takes a while. But I decided to tell you about them because
they're well writen. Entertaining even. So take a peek.

I know I promised a list of the top 10 new and promising Ghana blogs when I wrote about 7 of my favorite Ghana blogs. And I did look but I did not find 2 more blogs that satisfied the criteria
established above.

As I'm sure you know some pretty great blogs yourself, maybe you even write one, I decided to let you pick the final 2. So if you think your blog (or a blog you read) deserves to be on this list, leave a link in the comments and tell us why, and we'll be sure to visit it.


  1. I apologise for the funny fonts. Must be a problem with blogger. Sometimes it acts up like that. I hope it's not too difficult to read.

  2. Congrats on your AfriGator listing, thats great! And I see you are 62 pages into your first novel - had the urge to ask you when I saw you last week at the book signing when your book would be coming, but I guess I now have my answer. Soon!

  3. Love the magnanimity. Good stuff. Worthy of emulation. This is good synergy. We must capitalise on it. Incidentally, loved ur post on how you walked, walked and walked some more over at Laughed all the way to...;-) You certainly have determination! I do notice that you've bene on p.62 for about a month now! or? correct me!

  4. Nice! I had not read a couple of these blogs but I checked them out and I liked!... thanks for posting these.

  5. The Afrigator props to "Wo Se Ekyir" is very well deserved. I love coming here to laugh with you.

  6. Esi baby, you should correct the links in this blog posts as they lead to errors. Always preceed your external links with http:// That'd eliminate the errors.
    Keep up the good work.

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