Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Funniest Ghanaians of All Time

For this one, you have to travel back in time to the TV Theatre, Akan drama days. But younger generation people don't sweat. You can get yours from the cantata, Key Soap concert party era or even from good old Ghanaian movies. Who do you consider the funniest Ghanaians of all time? They don't even have to be TV personalities. They could be ordinary Ghanaians. People who just crack you up. Just tell us who they are and why they're awesome. Some anecdote, a joke, something they did or said that makes you remember them. Here's my list of the funniest Ghanaians of all time.

1. Super OD

OD. The shaved head. The character. I remember one drama in which he was a shady ɔsɔfo (priest). OD jokes, anyone?

2. Santo
Santo is one of the first comedians I ever knew. He would listen to his recording on tape. Me and my area people enjoyed it a lot at Ashale-Botwe, where I grew up. Santo was just hilarious! There was one in which he was talking about months. And he said 1 moon, 2 moon, 3 moon, instead of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months. Without the context, it's hard to make you get it. Does anyone have santo cassettes out there?

3. Idikoko

Idikoko kura bɛbɛ alugbɛbɛ babatunde kura bɛbɛ alugbɛbɛ He had these amazing shaddas (clothing) and he was a drunk truck pusher, funny as hell.

4. Nkɔmɔdɛ
This guy was the funniest guy on the scene for a while. He won the key soap concert party who is who championship 3 times!

5. McJordan Amartey
This guy was the king of exaggeration. He's famous for the lines...
"just thaaaaat?"
yes uncle
"jussssssssst thaaaaaaaaat?",
yes uncle.
I believe that's from the film "Who killed Nancy"

6. Kɔhwɛ
I remember this guy for his beady eyes and sarcasm. He was funny because he was sarcastic. God, i wish I had videos. I really need to get out to GBC (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation) and see if they have anything.

7. Water Proof
One of the funniest all time. Anyone have more info about him? Jokes?

8. Agya Koo
This guy goes all out with the fooling. If you want a taste, just watch this vid.

9. KSM
After mentioning people like Santo, and Kɔhwɛ, it's hard to put KSM on the same list because his humor is quite different. He identifies funny aspects of the Ghanaian life, and then highlights them.

10. Bob Okala
His tie was a tapoli and he wore a big wall clock as a wrist watch. Is it possible flava flav stole the whole clock act from our dear Bob Okala? Who remembers any of his jokes? See vid.

Keep in mind, this post is a search for the funny ones. I'll do a post later for your favorite media personality. Then you can root for the George Laings and the Komla Dumors. But this post is for the funny ones! Alright, so who do you consider the funniest Ghanaian of all time?


  1. sure, but none of them is quite as funny as anyone who made this list

  2. No question super O.D was the funniest ever. I remember him making this statement: me nim nyasa ma menama na me ti ye me ya( I am so wise that my head aches when I walk). Another memorable one is him being a fake pastor and ordering his congregation to bring gifts for Jesus's desciples, but they had to be 12 each to satisfy every desciple especially Judas because of his temper. Also, I appreciate kohwe's humor because its mostly based on sacarsm which is my middle name.lol It also helps that he speaks very pure fanti.

  3. LOL @Kɔhwɛ's beady eyes! Girl, u crazy! OD is a natural!

  4. Lmao! you got me rolling, each of them triggers a memory. I remember this movie with Idikoko hiding in a barrel, when water was poured into it hehehe... those were the good old days.

    How about Daavi ooo... Daavi( tv theater, he dreamed up lotto numbers to avoid lashes from his father)

    Waakye and Doctor Rokoto should be included lol!

  5. You missed out the Grandfather of Ghanaian stand-up.

    Water Proof!

    @Kajsa: Funny ghanaian women = Adwoa Smart

  6. No, i didn't, Faf...Water is number 7

    @Nana, that ish abt the twelve apostles...funny:)

  7. idikoko was my childhood fun thing!

    Water proof was like a mystry till i heard his 'cassette' some time later.

    some just exagerate! Mac Jordan, Agya Koo, etc etc.

  8. One of the first Ghana movies I ever saw featured a guy called osrabrobou? In I told you so. That was a really funny guy but didnt see him in any other movies after that. That movie is a classic and so far the best from Ghana.

  9. My top pick is Kɔhwɛ. Super OD comes 2nd.
    @ Nana; "I told you so" is certainly a classic.

  10. O.D. for me. He even composed a song titled 'ABD Abodom', where he said 'I come from ABD Abodom. Me maame ee meye den, (My mother I am strong!)...' He doesn't struggle to be funny. Kɔhwɛ is also good.

    @Nana do you mean Osuoabroboɔ? Hahaha it's really getting funny here.

  11. thanks for tickling my funny bone!

  12. Hahahaha! This made my day!

    "Fufuu ooo yey! Fufuu oooo fufuu ooo mewo, medi!"

    lol, can't stop laughing...

  13. That guy from 'Taxi Driver', at the station, he would make up the most ridiculously 'brofococious' words that almost sounded like they should be in the dictionary.

    Don't quite remember his name, but he used to seriously crack me up. I am like 99.9% sure that all he did was improv, no way you can fake/practise such wonderful foolery. Hats off...

  14. I have an hour long audio clip of Water Proof if anyone is interested

    @esi, missed it someone

  15. @Faf, is the audio clip in mp3 format? Could u possibly email or maybe i could download it from you somehow?

  16. @ Esi, it's an mp3. drop me an email and i'll find a way of sharing it with you

  17. What abt nkomode????