Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Most Memorable Ghana Ads of All Time

The ads we grew up with, some we remember fondly (number 1), some which helped us pass exams (See number 10), and some that were just so terrible we can't forget them (see number 9). Here's my list. All of them are TV ads, except for one special radio ad. (see number 11).

1. PIONEER NAILS - Dadowa Pa
Dadowa pa akɔ atwee
Ma nkyɛ nyipa reyɛ
W'aapa aba wo n'edwuma yɛ'm
Na pioneer nails
Adaworo ma nti
Mprɛgoo apapa na yɛ dze reyɛ edwuma
Ma ɔyɛ enyigye w'om kɛse mpo nyedɛ
mprɛgoo yi yɛ dzen
na ɔwɔ mu asɔɔtoo
ɛdzɛ hammer bɔ do so a,
na ɔrekɛ hyɛm bum bum
No curve, no bend
Pioneer Nails o
Papa pa pa pa


Nu nu scent scent scent

3. GSMF - Abstinence from drugs

Akɔlaa wo kɔ he?
Me de me nwoma no kɔ library
ɛnyɛ agorɔ
Wee, cocain
sɔ bi hwɛ

Quence walai

Chocolate spread, spread, spread


Spaceship with chocomilo in it?
Kids scream...
Chocomilo inside yeah!
Choco choco choco chocomilo

Dabi dabi ebeyɛ yie
Ama otanfoɔ afere
The lotto doctor has made thousands of people rich
Why is the lotto doctor not rich?
He's a good samaritan that's all
Do you want my sure numbers?
I've picked my own numbers
etc etc.

Akobalm miti yɛ me ya
Me nan yɛ me ya
Me kotodwe
Akobalm sasabrɔ no , sasabrɔ no, ekorɔ no
korɔ no, korɔ no
tu tu mirika
Akobalm! Akoo tetebɛtɔda ointment.


Mercy cream, mercy cream, mercy cream,
ɛyɛ eduro paa

I have vitamin A
I have vitamin A too
Together we we give you good vision
And help the children have a longer growth?
We have nicotinic acid
convertible to energy
Vitamin C protect your body against diseases
We have Vitamin D
B complex
Heart disease
And our nervous system disorders
We give you healthy skin
Every nutrients are essential for the human metabolism
All together
We have UNICAP.


Conversation between Atongo and Hotman
Wherever you are, we make sure water reaches you
Even space!

12. DOMOD -
Domod nkɛnsee dze
sɛ ɛnua'm na sɛ ɔkyew a
nna ɔno wala o, walaaa

What have I left out? Which ads do you remember most? Are there any new ads (past few years) that you think should make the list of memorable ads? Of all the ads that you like or remember, which do you think is the best all time? Why? My vote goes to Pioneer nails -dadowa pa. Because nails are not inherently cool. Anyone could argue that nothing catchy could be done with a product like nails. I mean there is no reason why anyone would remember a nails ad to the detail that we do. And yet the ad was so fun and so memorable that we're talking about it, 10 years on. Very cool.


  1. hahahahaha MEMORIES!!!

  2. Haha. I still remember the entire Pioneer nails rap.
    Here's my contribution:
    SCENE: A group of men walk past a group of women going in the opposite direction. The women pause for a beat and turn.
    WOMEN: We are ok...
    The men turn to look back at the women.
    MEN: ...with OK Soap!

  3. how about sika card with that 'obronii' :)It was be awesome if we can get links to some of these

  4. lol... the UNICAP M helped me during BECE. How about the protector condom advert? I only remember it because they usd that song "don't worry be happy" and anytime i try to sing that song I catch myself saying "protector be happy"

    here is one more.. "Starkist tuna with kpakpo shito .. inside the tin!"

  5. Like your list...very is very reminiscent.

  6. @Awansona. I remember that ok soap ad. I wonder if the soap is still around

    @Kwadwo...i know, right? I wonder if gtv might have 'em. It would be cool to do a compilation of the best ads from those days. Or if someone would teach a class which looks at how advertisement has influenced Ghanaian culture. I mean there was this lucky scratch ad...Lucky scratch scratch's an instant money game. You can with 150 cedis, to 100 thousand cedis, lucky scratch...and i remember one of my classmates who used to scratch his crotch was nicknamed "LUCKY SCRATCH" LOL.

    There is also ketewa biara nsua...i believe that was a line from some promo which has now become a part of the language. interesting stuff!

    @Yram...haha. So much in life, can go wrong. You need protection you can rely Protector, be happy. Protector condoms...and as for that UNICAP ad, i think we all owe it thanks for passing life skills.

    @Fredua, thanks. What is your favorite Ghana ad?

  7. With all due respect, the Pioneer Nails ad has to be at least 15 years old! I remember watching it way before I even entered SS, so circa '94 sounds about right. It's true, we've all gotten really old :o)

  8. Oh I have a good one. The electricity corporation ad went like this:
    Ahye wo ho atwe kandzea yi ako wo dan mu a
    ana inyim de afom mbra
    nde electricity corporation hon nsa suo wo mu
    hon nsa suo wo mu a
    wo nye wo bedzi de ma mbra se
    oho na ebeka de me hunu yeankye
    me hunu yeankye, me hunu yeakye
    woapa ho ooooohhhh!!!
    ehunu yeankye anye oh, nkye anye oh ....

    I love that song. Man, those were good days when Ghana had only one or two stations and kids TV viewing was not very well regulated lol.
    My kids get no more than one hour of Tube time a day. I don't think they'll ever memorize any ads:)

  9. @Ab. damn. so 15 years. 15 years and we still talking 'bout it? Nice.

    More ads...

    sunlight in water,
    pure sunlight in water
    Is all that you need
    Long lasting sunlight
    fresh as the morning
    take care of the family
    Is all that you neeed. hehe

    Then there was that liver salts ad that they used to show during akan drama. lol

    1. OMG!!! Thanks for the lyrics 😭😭😭. Just discovered the baby in the ad is called Daphne Kabeberi from Kenya. She's now fully grown and works as a missionary in the UK. She's also confirmed the whole ad was filmed in Kenya near a place called Magadi, and aired nearly all over Africa. H'pe to meet her and the entire crew someday

    ....... IDEAL MILK
    Sarah my Socks ...

  11. ABC beer
    It's ABC,for you and me

  12. Lol!!! Esi i've enjoyed this!!! there is an ad i cant fully remember - it was either an insurance ad or a security door ad but i remember a phrase - imagine dɛɛ aye adwuma all your life na ewifo bɛfa niyinaa just like that....
    does anyone remember that ad

  13. I am not sure if it was Picadilly biscuits(cookies) or a different company that advertised during the holidays. The song went something like this: bronya, bronya eeh, bronya afie ato yen biom.......

    Also key soap had one that portrayed a great grandmother, passing it down to the grandmother, then the mother and so on. I used to have a crush on the

    Choco milo with the space ship was a def classic.

  14. looks like you guys have forgotten about
    Maltina moments.
    Maltina to share
    for those you love....(looks like that's all I remember). I liked it sooooo much.

  15. Oh my that unicap M Ad was how I passed a lot of my exams on Vitamins and the Dadowa rap I could do with my eyes closed. There is another one

    Dano Dano natural and Tasty
    Dano Dano Easy to prepare
    Small ones big ones everybody loves it
    Come and have your share!!!

    That milk didn't last too long but I still remember the Ad. Good times

  16. Edward, I know the whole Maltina one

    Maltina moments
    Maltina to share
    for those you love
    Moments that show how much you care
    You can show them
    When words can't say how much you feel
    Maltina, because you really care

    Show them that you care
    Show how much you care (2X)

    Maltina, because you really care!!!!

  17. Benjilo ooo, so much cloth ........

  18. Thanks Kareem, very good memory. Hey I just remembered one old one..

    "The Lotto numbers are single 15, 10, single 2"
    "Then why is the lotto Doctor not rich"
    "He is a good Samaritan that's alllllllllllllllll"

  19. Here are the ones I remember from the TV-starts-at-6pm days (early 90s)
    *Drastin* painkillers
    Drastin so sure and strong
    The pack that's got the elephant on...
    It had some interesting animation too if I recall correctly.

    Ashfoam, because we are ashfoamers. I believe this is also the ad that popularised asokpo...or at least exposed the private school crowd to it.

    Panther condoms, the healthy way to live...PANTHER CONDOMS! I think that ad also had some dude saying 'I don't like worrying after sex.' As a kid I always used to wonder why anyone would worry after sex. I remember asking my mum what a condom was and her snapping at me that I didn't need to know.

    Anyone remember the ad where one woman met her friend in town and was shocked to see she'd had 3 kids in 3 years? Can't remember the actual dialogue, but it made a very good case for getting on the pill! Oh, and the woman was very bony and her kids didn't look so good either. Point made.

    @ Rhoda, I believe the ad was for some sort of iron security gating for doors and windows and the voice-over said 'imagine dE ayE adwuma hyehyE wo ho kakra, na ewifo aba abE fa in just a few minutes.'

    As a side not, why do they use Fanti a lot in Ghana ads? Is Fanti supposed to be seductive?

    Oh, and who remembers the twi-speaking plump Lebanese woman? Can't remember what she was advertising.

    "Enti awareE no, yeregu no!" advert for some (rip-off) international money transfer. Basically, if you go and 'Burger and your don't use this service to send your remittances home, you can consider your marriage over. Till death my arse.

    *Ptit*...not quite sure what that stuff was. Sweetened milk? I just remember the ad, which was clearly imported from somewhere Francophone went 'Ptiiiiiiit, ayayai ayayai'...or something

    Milo, kpa kpa kpa, kpa kpa kpa kpa, Milo!

    Remember the Lux ads? For a soap so cheap, they really did good on the glamour. I remember the different types of Lux for normal, dry and oily skin and the various foreign beauties they used to represent each one.

    Mobitel...migyina abOnten na merekasa yi

    And lastly, 'La nouvelle peugeot quatre cent six, elle a la force, et l'elegance.' I know that that peugeots are complete shite. But the ad and the smooth black dude with the sexy French made me think they were the coolest cars ever back in the day...sigh.

    1. The twi speaking plump Lebanese woman...akua bofti..I think it was a sika card ad

  20. Tonelli Tuna,
    Evivi to
    Du kpor!

    TV License:
    Ehu ya anka anye o, nka anye o 2x
    Wa apa ho ooo!


  21. Great list Esi - though I wouldn't know most, I definitely remember the Duraplast even space ads.

    What about Ashfoam and the famous Guiness Michael Power ads??

    Keep them coming - you definitely get everyone thinking and travelling down memory lane!!!

  22. Fan Ice! So Nice! Nice! Nice!

  23. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, THE SECRET IS REVLON!

  24. first animated commercial i think:
    export ghana safe and sure, export ghana export more .brothers and sisters lend a hand, making ghana a, contact us for information making ghana a happy nation!!!

  25. i'm o-kay..with ok soap..that was lousy

  26. Does anyone remember what this line was for?

    Madam, my mummy is there oh!

  27. @wireless I loved the export Ghana ad too. I think it might have been the first ad with animation.
    Anyone remember: Kwench, Walahi!

  28. so i was in ghana during the "revaluation" of the currency. a few months after the exercise, i took some old currency, mostly coins, to Barclays. but the teller refused to exchange the money saying that it was "too small." i complained and recited the commercial "there is no change in value, the value is the same." she smiled and was obviously impressed with my rendition, but she still refused to swap my currency. it took maybe 15 more minutes of pleading before they finally relented. kzs

  29. Bread without BLUEBAND is like a train without an engine!!!

  30. white chapel..white chapelllll

    brighten the corner, where u r..brighten d corner where u r...dun rmmber d rest of dat one.

  31. oh ...i'm actually very excited...loving d post.

    there was some electricity corp commercial..with some scary song
    also, 'why is the lotto doctor not rich? he is a good samaritan dats all!!!'
    also, 'mm mm mmmmm mm, IT IS MAGICAL!!!' think dat was a tomato paste commercial or was it maggi cube or sumthn.
    also, 'Royco shito mix so tasty so quick'!
    then ders 'starkist, kpakpo shito, inside the TIN!'
    and 'dimatino pasta, no other pasta is better..dimatino pasta, its gonna make ur mouth to water!'
    'panam pana nananana, tampico!'
    'eeeeeeeeaster bunny..eeeaster bunny...delicious tasting rice!'
    some BUZZ commercial..'BUT I LOVE YOU?!!!'

    ok, now am jus

  32. These are a couple that i remember...

    ooooooooooooo fa Efpac ...

    Boga Kupa Leeee!!! : I believe this was money transfer

    Wo mp3 wei na wo p3 d3n? : Dont remember the product but i remember the phrase

    madam catherine?

    key soap..samina a safoa da so!

  33. Oh my goodness, does anyone remember the "crossing the road" ads. It was animated with some very funny characters: when you are crossing the road, look left, right and left again before crossing the road.

  34. +1 for Pioneer Nails! I think part of what makes it so memorable is the fact that it was SO groundbreaking at the time: not only the words, but the production quality as well was head and shoulders above most of the ads of that era.

    There was also another interesting one when TV License fees were introduced...can't quite remember the words there. I think it was by the same Ad agency.

    Then there was a bad one for when Ghana had to vote to ratify the constitution in the early 90s:
    Referen-dum time, Referen-dum time
    You have to exercise your power as a ci-ti-zen
    For your vote is your power!

    Asodent or Aseodent or something like that, a toothpaste brand, had a funny one where some dude tries to con a girl at a club and she says, "Phuh! My God! You need Aseodent!" because of his bad breath. LOL

    I could go on forever with these ads. It's amazing the volume of trivia that occupies our brains!

  35. Ok there is one that i hope someone on here remembers.

    EverReady Batteries!!! (GBC TV was black and white at this time). Some guys standing by a canoe at the beach looking like they just came back from fishing, one of them holding a transistor(to be more precise Akasanoma brand)playing music

    One of the fishermen picks up a huge fish from the canoe and lifts it above his head and says "everReady battery is good ooo"!!!!

    I guess what really fascinated me the most was my grandmothers comment each time the commercial came on "nne enam onko bon ahh"- literally translating to mean shouldn't this fish be smelling by now??? ROTFLMAO!!!!

    Esi- i definitely remember 1, 4 and 5 very well= i think one of the guys in the quench commercial was in my dorm in form 1

  36. @Ato..."nne enam onko bon ahh" lol. that's the funniest ish i've heard in a while! Lord, it will smell indeed.I don't remember that EverReady ad but maybe someone else does.

    @EarthKwaque, i remember the referendum ad. I think the twi version called it "yɛfrɛ dɔm" meaning, we're calling the

    and madam catherine....mogyaduro papa

    @Shels, who can forget the while chapel whity tighties aka in Ghana as supporter. lol.

    @The Pale Observer, Michael Power def. had his time. You're quite the regular now aren't you? Thanks for coming to chill with us.

    ooooooooooooo fa Efpac ..ɛma wo ahoɔden
    ooooooooooooo fa Efpac

    @Faf, trust you to remember an obscure product like Tonelli tuna! lol.

    @Nana, ei, wo akai me Picadilly biscuits! Christmas in Ghana just aint the same without it. Maybe i shd do one post on how we all spend christmas in Ghana.

    @Damn, Asantewa, u really went all out.And as for panther condom...hmm, i have an awkward family moment which was all because of panther condom. So they were showing this panther condom ad on tv. My little brother was really little then. Too little to know what a condom was. The whole family was watching tv. He saw the ad on tv and he went like "dɛm adze yi, Da wɔ bi" meaning ...this thing, Da has some. Charlie, the whole room became diiiiiiiiiiiinnnn (quiet). I wanted the floor to open and swallow me up. haha. Fun times. HAHA!

    1. Meeeewuradzie Nyankopon..... that was one hell of an awkward moment. I still can't stop imagining the scene at that time.

    Gemini Life Insurace Company, GLEICO!

    Then there was that other insurance company with the cat that landed on it's feet.

    I can't believe no one has mentioned this one:
    whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...mene m'ashoo la!
    agyei, m'awu ooo!
    It was some mosquito repellant ad. I forget how the rest goes.

    Gemini Life Insurance Company, GLEICO!

    Then there was that other insurance company with the cat that landed on its feet.

    I can't believe no one has mentioned this one:
    whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...mene m'ashoo la!
    agyei, m'awu ooo!
    It was some mosquito repellent ad. I forget how the rest goes.

  39. Just remembered another one:

    SCENE: Crowded bus. Passenger asks for bus to stop so he can attend to nature's call.
    Other passengers offer him brodua, ntoma and leaves. Then someone offers Jolly Toilet Roll, yeah!
    Jolly, Jolly, Jolly Toilet Roll! Use Jolly Toilet Roll, yeah!

  40. @Awansona
    I think the cat commercial was providence insurance.
    The everready battery was also another classic and I remember it because the director was a neighbor and we used the plastic lid for "alicoto"(how innovative we used to be as kids).
    Ever ready, ever powerful, ever ready for longer life.

  41. Wow...I can't believe I remember a little bit of all the ads mentioned. I must admit the Pioneer Nails Ad is one I cannot forget. I even remeber how it ended "Pioneer Metal Works Division..." and the address and phone number finished it off!

    I also remember the ad for voting..I don't speak Ga but I know it said "Ker m) oya register" at the end!

    Then there was "Blue Label, blue label saaardine!"

    Maame D)kono made that Maggi cube commercial!
    Fast forward to "..Maggi cube with a star", "Why the star?" ..."You'll see"

    I also loved the Raid commercial with the bug bragging about how it wasnt scared of the big AFRAID sign. As soon as it knocks down the letters "A" and "F", it realizes the word is now RAID and it starts to scream ..hahaha

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane :)

    1. Maggi cube advert

      Pay attention my dear this is whatvi always do when I go to the market. I always buy maggi cube with a star
      Girl: Why the star
      mMum: You will see.we have the things to cook the food your father likes. Fish, vegetables, oil....
      Girl: And maggi cube with a star
      Mum: Shhhhh...that is my secret
      just use maggi cube with a star. And thats it.
      Girl:Now I understand why your food tastes so sweet.

      Song...Good cooking with Maggi cube.

  42. @ earthkwaque
    I couldn't resist....

    Referen-dum time, Referen-dum time
    You have to exercise your power as a ci-ti-zen
    For your vote is your power!

    You have to vote as a citizen to decide on this new constitution, so that when it becomes the law of the land you shall be ready to defend it ever moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  43. @Esi...about the White Chapel tighty-whities, there was this commercial where some dude gets kidnapped, ostensibly to be sacrificed for ritual purposes...They start stripping him down, and when they get to his underwear, they all bow down on seeing that he's wearing White Chapel supporters...(and the GH version of hail to the chief starts taking liberties)

    - Another cool one was the Champion condom commercial that run during the 2002 World Cup...Champion! Woye Metcho!(could never quite figure out whether it was bastardized Twi or some other language...)

    1. "Woye mecho". The "mecho" there is actually "Macho". That's how typical twi people pronounce "macho". It was added to make to make the commercial very funny.

  44. This is great! Brings such fond memories Esi! Keep it up. Guess you should do something on those old TV programs as well. With an occasional Talking Drum picture with the words "PAUSE" boldly written. Tina Moses' Children's Own, "Tutuu gbovi...Toddlers time" Kyekyekule, Koliko, and the ever faithful Adult Education.

    But then again talking about adverts. Remember the PEE COLA advert! Mangola!!! Mangola!! Blue label, Blue label Sardine

    NAYAK, wo be kumi oh, wo be kumi, NAYAK, way dea, manya ka se wo be kumi!

    Good job Esi

    SikaCard, its a safe in your pocket, SikaCard form SSB. Sika Card Eye Gye!

  45. "bluuuuuuuueeee OMO....amazing Ghana soap" (or something like that)

    "Beer diE, Enoaa ni Club!" (or Star)

    "Guinness, the power!!!" (what a bold faced lie. Our fathers, or at least mine, used the excuse that Guinness had vitamins in it, hence the bitter taste).

    Read very slowly, pronouncing each word carefully: "I use Vegebom after each match and training session" (Abedi Pele sounded retarded in this one)

    Can't remember what they sold but the "Shegelege" advert was funny, and a good name too. I think it was tires, or some kind or spare parts....hehehe

    BTW: nobody should say the word "commercial" here. ITS IS ADVERT!!!

  46. Farleys Farleys Farleys rusks
    Very delicious, very nutritious.
    Enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins,
    Farleys Rusks is goooooood!

  47. This is great!

    Been beating up my memory the last 2mins but it refuses to cough up anything else but:

    "Welcome to the GTV Evening Announcements:"
    > Enter that infuriatingly primitive blue screen.

    Keep up the good work, this one's a definate classic.

  48. Ohhh...I finally remembered sth:

    - Those Fido Dido adverts that made me think 7up was the coolest thing since water for a time

    - "Lipton qualiteee, the sign of good taste"

    - "It's the morning of a great day.
    Another day in my life.
    Gotta go out and be strong, today.
    Milo for strength, I need Milo today.
    Milo for energy. Milo today.

    Milo everydayyyy."

  49. thx Esi, wo so wo sh3 h) paa o!
    Remember Champion Condoms?
    "Champion, wo y3 m3cho!

    Then there was one from Mighty Power,
    "Mighty power, esi h)

    Then there was one from Sweety super scented soap. Where a whole church session was paused because some abaayewa like dat take the soap go bath wey she come church. Even Pastor stop. Ibi crazy! lol.

    Then there was, er,...erm, ... erm...
    I've forgotten!

    no oootthherrr pasta is betteerr!

  51. There was an "Original Hacks" ad some time back. Unfortunately I do not remember how it goes.

    1. It went like this
      "Original hacks, is what you need, what does it do? ......... originaaaal... original hacks

  52. socks!

    The man was off to work one morning and the socks were missing. Don't remember the ad.

  53. This blog definitely rocks big time and its made my day. I find it surprising how all of a sudden with the advent of globalization we seem to have forgotten all these wonderful aspects of our culture as growing up as a youth in Ghana in the 80's and 90's.I pity the small boys of today cos they'll miss all the wonderful games of police and thief, maame & paapa, chaskele,piilolo,4 corners with dribbings and suuliya etc. I definitely miss those good old days and kudos for the great work.
    On the point of the adverts I remember
    1. PINOPLEX MOGYADURO which used to sponsor Akan Drama
    2. Abedi Pele's "I love Vegebom" Advert
    3. Frytol.........for meals worth coming home to
    4. FA Soap....i goes like this, one guy goes pass some guys and says, I like FA soap and the gusy respond, we love FA soap.

  54. @mawuli...I remember the goldenman suitcase ad...
    (boombastic tune...) goldenman suitcase
    it's so fantastic
    goldenman is durable so spacious
    and classic...

  55. There use to be this one from Astec. LETS PUSH AGAIN or so. You would see the bone shaker truck, the makola woman, one comedian ... and the lyrics went like; round and round and round ... lets push again ... Astec

  56. Esi.
    There used to be this animated Raid ad that started with one mosquito saying "kw3, mene le ma sho la"

    Then there was the duraplast pipes ad by Psalm Adjeteyfio of taxi driver fame where the truck carrying the pipes drops them and, Psalm explains the strength of the pipes and says "kpekple mo jaja"in the process.

    And how couldyou forget that rice ad where the woman says ke o ye ee. o ba na minshe ni oba rototo your ganja body for your happiness" hahaha. just typing my broken Ga makes me acknowledge your hard work.

    Keep it up!

    1. Ha ha ha haaaaaa, that was calle "ODO RICE" Odo riceee3, ke oye, obaana minsh3. Ni ebaa roltoto o malf, I say body. Lol


    How about
    "If I dont shop at Lava, where less?"

  58. Waakye Seller: ---"sesia deih ye se omo di BAT ato aduane no so oh" (Tr: Now they have put a bat (instead of vat- value added tax) on the food)

    Customer: "Ei Maame aden woh di ampan ato waduane no so anaah" (Tr: Ei woman why have you put a bat on your food)

    Voice of God: V-A-T Value Added Tax, V for value A for added, T for Tax !!


  59. O my,Mawuli, the golden man suitcase is hilarious!!! I had soo forgotten...Goldenman Suitcase is so fantastic Goldenman is spacious and durable and plastic!! hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

  60. Lets not forget the key soap; find the key advert. Oh! my mum screamed in agony when she found me medically dissecting the key soap in front of the television a couple of days after the advert came out..good times! lol!

  61. Peeeeetay tay tay We are introducing u to the house of electricals. Peetay is the name, Pee tay has in stock all kinds of electrical appliances....
    Remember the big eyed woman? A-ONE A-ONE A-ONEEEEEEE!!!
    And the third..export Ghana export more export Ghana export more... travelling to london...leaving Ghana a happy home contact us for information, and may Ghana be a good nation!!!!( at least that's what i heard as a kid. "member the maggi cube advert with maame dokornoo, akorfa and super OD? ' ur father likes fish, vegetables, cooking oil (akorfa chips in..and maggi cube with the star!) Shhhh But that's my secret....blah blah Then a really loud GOOD COOKING WITH MAGGI CUBE.
    ...the most beautiful women of the world like marcia turner have chosen lux....

    Oh..and the priceless, not so old Akolaa, wo ko hen? Me ko library..

  62. @kekeli.
    original hacks, is what u need..
    what does it doooo?
    soothes your throat and calms your chest
    originaal,original hacks! ton ton.

  63. Oh the good old days in Ghana. I remember an advert for some form of toothpaste ......In a boardroom setting a man says " as I was saying,by the way...." then all the people began to vanish one at a time due to his serious mouth odor". I should say that was funny.

  64. another one.. super shell raffle easy to enter easier to win, super shell raffle buy shell and win!

  65. I remember this ad..."bra na yen nom boso3" I think it was about an alcoholic beverage called Club Shandy.

    The iron gate ad was for a product called "Pasigaurd". "Pasigaurd, sh3 akomfo ebufu"

    My view as to why Fante was used in most ads; I think the language is just sexy. Gotta love my

  66. @Esi I've read the post over and over again. Great post & comments. If you grew up in the 90's, you can't forget these ads. Classic stuff right there! You gotta remember:

    Takoradi Flour Mills - Ebi So Noo

    Starkist Can Tuna - Tell Them Charlie Sent You

    LMAO at the akward family moment. I can't stop cracking up. The dumb things little brothers say. I remember this one time when armed robbers had robbed us. The took our televisons so me and my mom and lil bro would spend some time together after supper each night. One day, my mom asked us what we wanna be when w grow up. I chose the cliche (doctor) and my lil bro said he wanted to be an armed robber so he could come back to the house steal stuff. My mom asked me to look for the cane. This boy was still going on and on about how he would steal the generator and stuff and he even help me to look for the cane. He got a good canning. Funny but not as funny as "dɛm adze yi, Daa wɔ bi"

  67. Hey Kwabena, welcome to Wo Se Ekyir. Looks like this is your first time, so check out all the posts when you have some time, and come laugh with us often.

    My question your brother no, what is he up to now? Or was the caning enough to let him give up his dream?

  68. @Kareem you missed a line "smile and Maltina says it all" memories! hehe

  69. @Esi The caning killed the boy's dream. He's a final year Chem student at KNUST. He's gonna be a nuclear scientist or something :)

  70. Woman - Medofo pa....
    Man - Mmmmmmmm
    Woman - Nfie bibiri aa me sh3 wo, wo di me whemmo da....

    Keysoap advert


    @Kwabena, oh no, that's too bad. Now you're gonna have to tell people your brother has a boring chem job as opposed to something different like "professional armed robber" lol.

    @adu, so this one, where did you go and pull it from. Sharks dey this blog top o!

    I just remembered one myself. It went like this.

    Electricity no get leg. Ibi cabel metal wire wey ecarry 'am.

  72. How about the Red Dove Rice Commercial and the Pure Milk ad? Not so funny really....
    Both commented on in blog
    2009-09-12 and 2009-08-30

  73. Qwench...Walahi!

    Strepsils - a choral group's performance is restored with the lozenges.#

    Starkist's Kpakpo shitto inside 'de tin' was really cunning.

    But Murphy#s law worked for Mercy Cream, didnt it? They even hired a helicopter to shoot Susie Williams for a new version arnd 2003/2004... must be the good sales that the bad ad helped to drive, who doesnt know Mercy Crrrm?

    Goil Goil, in the service of the nation,,,Goil Goil Goil super star! or that's what i thought they were singing.

    He's your mobilman....( 1998-9)

  74. This blog made my day, as a matter of fact it made my week. I am just cracking up as I walk down memory lane while reading these posts. Another classic advert is the Tampico Ice Cream . I think it goes something like "Pana nana nanana Tampico". I can't remember the details well

  75. You forgot every ready, every powerful, ever ready for longer life. Ever ready batteries


  77. how come everyone's forgotten the cowbell milk ads.....that thing gave some mad as* gas!!!

  78. Y'all remember T.T. and that interplast advert..
    Eiii de pipe, de pipe, da pipe!!

  79. Add up June 07,2012 4:30 PM
    Ahonka gingeroo papa bi advert and one that i can't really remember the name but was on CONDOM where 3guys were in a hostel or dormitory and was discussing on safe sex.Then on brought a condom out and the other passed a comment and said "I AM WITH YOU BROTHER"

  80. And also "Kojo stop work" I think its all about big pen. I cant remember the detail.

  81. How about this advert that had something to do with condoms (i don't remember the product name). It said something like this ... if its not on, its not in... we used to torture one of our teachers in secondary school with it lol...

  82. I couldn't go through all the comments but I remember this Keysoap ad too. Usually aired after Concert Party... A grandfather in his lazy chair with his wife were having a convo
    "me do fo pa"
    "nfe b3bree aa y3 ware yi"
    "wo nde me nwhamo(disappointed) da"

    LOOOOL I'm sorry but I hope someone remembers

  83. Oh my goodness.....this is too much

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  85. How about NPP commercial about a 30 year old man still leaving in his parent house, and they were playing dwarfs under the tree. That was a commercial for NPP before President Kuffour became president

  86. Just came across this...funny thing is I was in America, bronx NY to be parents flew me to Ghana many times as a of my fondest memories were eating mad chofi , at the food stands with fried egg, and also going to my grandmas market, located in Accra ....THE OPERA !!! MY GRANDMA SISTER WAS THE HEAD OVER THERE ...GOD REST HER SOUL......GRANDMA ZARA.....SHE USE TO MAKE "SALAD" OMG!!!!!!!! WITH THE CORNBEEF AND SARDINES.......MY FAVORITE BRAND OF SARDINE WAS "BLUE LABEL SARDINE" .....I USE TO SING THE,SONG FROM THE COMMERCIAL AND EVERYTHING ....THAT WAS 1990....I WAS 8.....I'M 35 NOW 2017.....SOMEBODY GET ME SOME BLUE LABEL SARDINE.......

  87. I was one of the cast members of the Quench Walai advertisement. I've been searching archived footage of the ad and stumbled unto this. Such treasure.