Tuesday, December 01, 2009

10 Ghanaian Gifts for Your Christmas List

It's already December. I'm sure some of you have started thinking of what gifts to get family and friends. I know I have. I bought my mom's gift a week ago! So anyway, whenever you get to it, I thought i'd make your job a little easier by giving you what I believe would make awesome presents for Christmas. So if you want to get me something...err, hint use this list! And in true Wo Se Ekyir style, they're all made in Ghana. Enjoy, and add your own suggestions in the comments section.

1. A dress from AfroChic
Ladies, get affordable style in african prints. Clothes for work, party and home. Clothes are made with modern African girls in mind - Kafui, the young professional, Naa Deidei the student, socialite and busy bee and Nana Akua the diasporian and nappy head. Price range GHC 13-40. Shop online at www.afrochiconline.com. Will be delivered at your doorstep. Pay upon receipt.

2. Jewelry from Stringz Attached
Not your usual beads and cowrie Ghanaian jewelry. Stringz attached has a cosmopolitan feel to it. Very pretty, very girly, and sophisticated. Frankly, it looks Western to me. Nothing particularly Ghanaian about it, except it's made by a Ghanaian. Still, hey, I wouldn't mind one. Looking at the website, prices range between $40-$150. Here's the store

3. A Ghana-made Purse
Lovely clutch purses made from straw and african prints, and decorated with jewels and flowers. There are two places to get this. You can either get it from Kua purses where each purse has a name so it feels like you're buying a pet or something:) They sell for $50 a pop on average. See for yourself here or buy one here

Or you could get it from Diva delicious. Cute, cute, cute. Check photos on facebook
If you want attitude, chic and fabulousity, call Sandi for your purse +233 262 211 717

4. An outfit from MAKSI clothes
Unisex clothing line just launched. Their online store www.maksiclothing.com will be live within a week with prices ranging GHC 25- GHC100. MAKSI will be stocked at WINGLOW, 34 Mensah Wood Road, East Legon. There's a party there this Saturday from 2pm - 5pm to celebrate being stocked there. All are welcome. Clothes bought on the day will be on average 10 cedis less than it will be in store. Check out pictureshttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=160480&id=205210781947&l=b3d35fa9da

5. A Bespoke tee from ReneeQ
T-shirts embellished with African fabrics. It's different. Costs about GHC 45 for one. A friend of mine got one so i've seen it feeli feeli and i like. Check out the designs here or just proceed to shop:http://www.reneeq.com/shop.html. Oh and for those of you who are wondering what Bespoke means...i know, the word is being bandied about everywhere these days. It means made to individual order or custom-made or unique. Somtin so:)

6. A free CD from M.anifest
They say Christmas is a time of giving. M.anifest gives you a free album. The guy can write music. It will inspire you. And its free. Download the music here: http://www.manifestmc.com/ And whilst you're at it, make a gift to Young Entrepreneurs, Africa.

Also, Shea Yeleen is trying to raise $4,000 for 120 women in Mali to build a Shea Butter facility to produce for export. Every dollar counts. Donate or learn more about it on www.globalgiving.org

7. A hair treat from Twists and Locs
Spoil yourself or a loved one. Twists & Locs is a natural hair salon. They do twists, locs, bantu knots, whatever. I've been there. Their hair products smell amazing. I even got a chocolate treat whilst they were doing my hair. And they have magazines a plenty so you can keep entertained. The salon is located near chocolate House and after Montran before El Gringo, Osu- Nyaniba, Accra. You can book an appointment on Phone:766891, 026 513 1585. Opening hours are Mon:8:00 am - 5:00 pm Wed - Sat: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Plan to spend about GHC 20 per visit.

8. A book by a Ghanaian Writer
Books make excellent gifts, so this Christmas, give a collection of 3 books by Ghanaian writers. The first book is CIRCLES by Boakyewaa Glover. The second is Harmattan Rain by Ayesha Attah. The third is The Imported Ghanaian by Alba K. Sumprim. Buy all three books, parcel them nicely and give them to friends, lovers, and family:) You can get all the books at the Silverbird bookstore, Accra Mall. I think they cost about GHC 30 on average.

9. Professionally done photographs
Get your family portraits done, or even err, nude photos for your boyfriend? or girlfriend? Okay, fine. You can wear clothes and pose sexy or something. hehe. I recommend Nana Kofi Acquah, Steve Ababio and Jane Hahn. They've all taken photos of me and I loved the result. Plus they're all fun to talk to, and make the whole thing easy. As with many good things, they don't come cheap. Should cost at least $1000.

10. A custom-made adinkra gold brooch
Get it from Makola. There's a goldsmith in the 3 storey-building that's part of the market. The gold's measured by the ounce and you can get it delivered in 4 days


  1. no gift ideas for the men?? mmmm u don want war eh!

    1. Lovely suggestion - I personally approve and recommend a men's gift idea for Christmas is the gourmet gift hamper with wine.

  2. $1000 for photographs? hehe

  3. @ 1st Anonymous: Oh men can get clothes from MAKSI and photographs? And also my friend Nannie does gift hampers...Email her: diva_56@hotmail.com

    Or even get a cake from Goldie's Ghanaian kitchen: http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?id=100000439778569&ref=ts

    Anyone have more ideas for men? hehe.

    @2nd anonymous. Yes o. Quality costs. Unless you want the kind of photos we used to take in secondary school:)

  4. I hear u Esi.

    lmao @ secondary school pictures Mr. Gariba wont be too happy hehe

  5. Great ideas Esi! You sound like a professional advertisement!!! :)

  6. Why would I ever pay $1,000 for photographs??? Do people really do this and if so, what do they do with the photos? One for every room in your house, one in your car, one in your work place? I mean, seriously? Or is this for potential Miss Ghana contestants and political party posters, etc?

    Please educate an obviously ignorant person.

  7. These are wonderful ideas, I have taken some of them.

  8. Super post! Esi! Super post!

    Thanks for informing us about these Ghanaian enterprises and the gifts.

  9. Wow.. Great Post Esi. I would also recommend Rodney Quarcoo & Sefa Nkansa for photographers doing great works with their camera lenses. Just google their names and you'll surely find much about them. Not sure, they will chage $1000.00 for shootings, anyway. Might get a purse from Diva delicious for a date if only I grab before Christmas. A perfect X'mas gift won't be bad at all.

  10. Yay! Esi, thanks for the shout out. Yep, CIRCLES will make a good Christmas gift. It should be in Silverbird within the next couple of days. And you can check my blog for more details if you want it quick.
    I also have a copy of Harmattan Rain, it was a gift I got last year. Good read. And I have 'Excursions in my mind' which is another good read.
    Seton Nicholas is also another great photographer. He did the cover for my book. He is young and upcoming, so he probably wont charge $1000 but he's really good. For those questioning the $1000, its the same in the US. Photographs are really expensive. I didn't know till I needed to get my bio pic for the book done.
    And if you get a KUA purse, you dont only get a great bad, you're supporting a really talented person. Ruby is awesome!
    So do grab a copy of CIRCLES. I honestly know you'll really enjoy it.

  11. Impressive list. wow. I guess , it is all about the gift the individual will like. I have seen Renee Q t-shirts- not feeli feeli- but they look wonderful!!!! Bespoke!!!!!

  12. Thanks I just joined Diva Delicious on Facebook. Post more ideas for the American consumer in me.

  13. yes, lets promote Ghanaian stuff! Will I see you at the Made in Ghana launch on Friday/fair on Saturday?

  14. im in school..i gotta do a project about Ghana in christma..its kinda hard..email me some information please..nana_babe2005@yahoo.com

  15. I only got this email today if I had it earlier I would have been greatly pleased and it would have helped me in my selection of X'mas gifts. Thanks anyway and I will visit the stores listed. Maame Esi

  16. i need some free gifts for some one

  17. Wow! that was a great gift I like it. Keep posting!