Monday, December 14, 2009

Do You Know An Amazing Ghanaian Woman? Tell us and we'll give her a gift!

Dear Friends,
Christmas is a time of giving. It's also a time of celebration. A celebration of all that is good.
So let's get moving.
I have 6 yards (half piece) of beautiful Vlisco cloth sitting in my closet. It's worth a little over GHC 100.
I'd like us (people who read and love this blog) to give it to a woman who deserves it.
We'll tell her it's a gift from us all at Wo Se Ekyir.
We'll tell her we chose her because she inspires us.
We'll tell her we appreciate her.
We'll tell her we want to be like her.
But we have to decide which lucky Ghanaian woman gets this gift.
Ideally it would be someone I don't even know. Someone we all decide is awesome.
Help me find this woman!
We have 11 days to Christmas.
We have to find her in this time.
So you tell me.
Who should get this gift?
Nominate someone.
It could be any woman...
18 years and above.
It could be your mother. Your grandma, Your sister, your pastor or any woman in your community. Your wife.
Tell us why you think she's amazing.
Does she have an inspiring story?
Convince us by writing at least a short paragraph in the comments section about why she deserves this gift.

But feel free to write pages and pages if she's so awesome and you have so much to say.
Does she feed the hungry?
Does she impact others?
Is she a local legend?
Does she do it all and still keep on smiling?
If you know a truly amazing woman in Ghana...tell us, and we'll give her a gift this Christmas.


Merry Christmas, yall!

Esi Cleland


  1. thoughts of a SimpletonDecember 14, 2009 3:02 PM

    I guess this is a " Big Give"


  2. *Drum roll*.. who's gonna start first? :)

  3. Well, there is a woman called "I love you" in Ajumako Bisease and I think the name says it all. If there was a real life saint, she fits the bill and then some. For starters, I believe that the only real blood relative she has is her 105 years old mother whom she takes care of by farming. She is in her late 70's so you can see some of the obstacles that she might face, but is relentless and will never let you live the village empty handed. There is so much to say about her but this is something that always humbles me about her. Whenever she harvest her little farm, she will personally put together a basket and carry it to my mother and her friends in Tema at the time(obviously my mother didnt need it) and leave that very day to go back to her village. I know all this about her because my mother was probably among the dozens that adopted her as their mother. Lets just say, you will never go hungry in that village if she knows about it.

  4. There is a Ghanaian woman who lives in New York, who I think should get this gift. She is a mother of 2, a wife and a wonderful friend. She has completed her BA and MBA and is only 30 years old. She travels to Ghana every year to work at 2 orphanages in Accra. She brings gifts, books, clothing and other things for the children and visit them daily at the orphanages. She does this all with her own funds. She is Wonderful and the children of Ghana cannot thank her enough.


  5. Dr. Kwakwa is a Ghanaian woman who lives in New Jersey. She works in the Phildaelphia department of healthcare, working mostly with very low income African Americans and African immigrants who have HIV/AIDS. The lengths she goes to for her patients are amazing. Her dedication, her 'straight-talk', her compasson, her's all amazing. She is amazing. Many of her patients are still on their meds and alive today because of her. She is fantastic.

  6. Way to go Esi! Wonderful idea. If you weren't the owner of this blog, I'd nominate you for building a practical forum for reflecting on our past, present and future existence as Ghanaians, Africans and citizens of the world.
    You're indeed a woman who inspires.

  7. Hey Nana, I think we should give the cloth to your old woman. Can I give it to you to send with a note or something you can explain to her? I figure a small gift like this will mean a little more to her than to our peeps abroad. Let me know and we can meet up so I give it to you. Merry Christmas!

  8. I am glad "I Love You" won!
    Happy New Year Esi.