Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Best of Ghanaian Bus Preachers

Got an email from my good friend Q.

Q is the male version of me. And the cartoon above is an artist's attempt to capture his essence. I think it's about right. Q really wears those hats, and reads strange books . Conversations with Q usually centre around Ghana things, funny stuff, songs etc.When Q talks, I listen. If he recommends a book, I read it. If he recommends a movie, I watch it. If he recommends a fashion trend, I try it.

Q and I have been friends since 1999. Eleven years is a long time. He's one of those people that I think of and I laugh out loud, because invariably I'm going to be thinking of something funny that he said. If you think i'm local, Q's like 10 times that. Funnier too. He actually inspired many of  the very first blog posts.

As things have gone on, he's gotten busy with his new books and life as a student in New York. But every once in a while, he pops in to check on me and to point me in new directions.

So I got an email from Q. Brief and to the point as always, it read:
You have to watch this and maybe write about bus preachers in Ghana.

So I watched it, and loved it. And scratched my head could my writing possibly do this justice? Some things can only be experienced. So I'm sharing the video with you. Enjoy it. It's a slice of the Ghanaian life:

And if you really want to read what I might write if I were to write about bus preachers in Ghana, read my account of a trip from Tarkwa to Accra that I took in 2006.

But as I said, writing has its place.


  1. Q looks a little like a bus preacher from the cartoon but he's really not. last i checked.

  2. I have seen this one, but my grade 1 Twi won't allow...on well. lol

  3. Loved it! Is this guy a) a comedian b) a pastor or c) a little bit of both? Very funny!

  4. That is one funny dude in the bus, LOL...

  5. This was funny-ooooo!

    Was he talking to somebody in the bus, or was he just telling a random story about infidelity?

    (It looked like he was talking to a man or something, so I got a little confused)

    I've experienced the same thing when I was in Ghana. Them pastors telling all sort of stories. At times it can me inspirational and eye-wakening to hear some of these stories. But when a pastor is preaching about something that does'nt even make sense, I just want to go to sleep and tell him to please shut up cause my head is aching!

    - Sandra

  6. The cartoon version of Q reminds me of a foul-mouthed 4th grader :-)
    Public transportation from acra to the western region can be quite entertaining.
    Thats why I love Ghana. You can never be bored there.

  7. I personally experience ''the Ghanaian bus preacher'' and his ugly cousin ''The Ghanaian bus salesman'' 4 out 5 business days. They both spit in your face when you sit too close to them and and try to guilt you into giving them money at the end of your bus ride. They are the other reason, apart from the traffic, why trotros are so unbearable. You alight at your destination lightly bamboozled by Bible quotations, half deaf from all the screaming and also, feeling like an asshole because everybody is donating ''something small'' and you're not.

    There is nothing funny about that ( @ Anonymous)

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  9. Im torn. I have always been fascinated by Ghanaian bus preachers but annoyed at the same time. I recall being less enamored with the preacher who used to shout at the top of his lungs in the Commonwealth Hall courtyard at the crack of dawn. One morning I grabbed my Afrikania Mission (Sankofa Faith) "Bible," The Divine Acts. We shouted back and forth (i busted out with stuff like "one must pray and pour libation to God the Creator") for about 10 minutes before he finally gave up. GI

  10. p.s. i dig your new blog header. how did you make it?