Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are There Any Lovemarks in Ghana?

You won't believe this! I spent 3 hours writing a blog post three days ago that was titled "are there any lovemarks in Ghana"?. And then my browser crashed and I lost it! Complicated how I lost all of it. But my God! 3 hours! I usually don't spend that much time on a single post. But this one just kept getting longer and better so I kept going. It was about brands, my favorites, and things that make me happy. Anyway, I just closed my laptop and went to bed. Now i'm sorry i'm the only one who learned anything from that blog post but it made me laugh a lot. So it wasn't a complete loss. I can't bring myself to rewrite it though.I fear it won't be anywhere as good. I won't be laughing when I'm writing it the second time around, it will feel like work and those posts are never any good. If it feels like work, i'm not doing it. I already have a 9-5 :) So yeah, that's that.

We're gonna have to wait for the next blog post a guest blogger....titled...what it feels like to be half-co in Ghana. Yay! Haven't you ever wondered? These halfco kids...what does it feel like to be them? 


If I don't have it by noon tomorrow, I'll post the first in my series of 10 blog posts, which talks about lessons I've learnt from living in Ghana. It's been exactly a year and a half since my return home. So I have 10 posts, each talking about life lessons I've learned in my 18 months here. 

Watch this space.



  1. Will this be written by Jerry Rawlings? I think if you ask nicely, he will illuminate the subject :)

  2. You know, it didn't cross my mind, but wouldn't that be out of this world? Does anyone have JJ's contact? We could ask. Who knows?

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  4. I would direct you to his house but I hear he (erm it) recently went up in flames.

    Maybe you can get Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey or Hannah Tetteh (Min. of Trade & Industry) to weigh-in.

  5. Who born dogggggggggg.....

  6. @Wofa Eric, please try. I'm sure you could make a few calls and get the contacts:)

    @Anonymous...Dog born dog o.

  7. What's a lovemark?

  8. @Anonymous. A lovemark is any brand which exceeds its brand promise. It goes over and above what the consumer expects. The concept came from Saatchi and Saatchi. For a brand to be a lovemark, it has to score highly on respect and love. For example, I respect UT financial, but I don't love it so it's not my lovemark. Converse Allstars on the other hand is a brand I both respect and love. Love to the point where if the company decided to stop manufacturing those shoes, I could see myself writing a letter to plead with them to reconsider their decision. Same for India Arie. There's a website dedicated to this. You can read more about it here: