Monday, June 21, 2010

10 Unusual Ways To Wear A Ghana Flag ( Plus a bonus idea)


I don't care much for football.

Please don't shake your head and ask what kind of Ghanaian I am.  'Cos I couldn't tell ya. I mean, I remember getting somewhat interested 4 years ago but I haven't watched even a single game of this year's world cup series. To be Ghanaian is a terrible thing to waste, I know. To be so lucky to be born in a country that is football-crazy and to not really care all that much about it - what a waste!

So whilst better sons of our land have set up blogs just to comment on the world cup, I've been here trying to interest myself in it. And guess? I actually found a hook! I found something connected to football that managed to get me excited! 

1. Wear it in bed
People from other parts of the world where they obsess with comfort in bed talk about wondrous details like thread count. But the cover cloth is really the only piece of bedding that I can imagine the ordinary Ghanaian really caring about. I mean you will find a streetperson sleeping on the hard floor at night infront of a store, and they won't care so much about bed sheets. But you'd better believe they would get a cover cloth. The mosquitos may have something to do with it, but who really knows? So anyway, if a Ghanaian really wanted luxury sheets, they could rock a silk Ghana flag. And of course if you're Steve Ababio shooting a beautiful ɔbaa kokɔɔ as in the photo below, you might consider wrapping her up in a big silky Ghana flag.

2. Wear it as a shawl
I suppose if you were a president's wife (This photo was taken when Kuffuor was still President), and wanted to display how into Ghana you are, but  you absolutely had to do  it in that very stiff dignified way, then you would do as Mama Tess has done in this picture. 

For those of you who are not president's wives, and have no hope of ever becoming one, I pity you. But do not despair. As long as you have a little bit of Reggae in you,  you could still do the shawl thing like Kwesi Selassie here and look all pseudo-"conscious" doing it too. 

3. Rock it like Stevie Wonder.

This one is not for everybody, but if you just happen to be a Stevie or  a T-pain look-alike, maybe...just maybe you could manage to pull it off. Swagger people...swag is all you need. lol.

4. Tie it as a good old duku
Ghanaian women have it really good. Every Friday, Saturday or Sunday is an opportunity to wear a duku, depending on if they are moslem, seventh day adventists or sunday church going Christians. If they work at the right sort of place, they may even be able to wear it all days of the week. As is typical of privileged people, they don't really value this freedom. But...if you're a Ghanaian man, and you live with duku-envy most days of the year, then you really can't not take the opportunity to finally come out and cross dress when you get such a fine opportunity during football season. Who in their right mind could pass up such a chance?!
Tsoboi! Hei. Tsoboi. Hei. Duku lovers unite ooooo yeeee. Duku lovers unite. 

5. Make it into an academic gown

For everyone who did not make it to any of Ghana's great universities, this is your time! And for those who entered, but trailed or got sacked for stealing or you, know, just went abroad one vacation and decided not to return...this is for you. Did you know that you could actually just make your own academic robe out of the Ghana flag?! Talk about no child left behind. lol. Truly...a great way to democratise scholarliness. Enjoy how hot it is in there.

6. Wear it as body art
If, and only if you have a fine face, six pack abs and or buns of steel, then, and only then wear it as body art.

7. Form a trio.
Because a lone white man supporter is never enough. May lightning strike you if you forget to keep the black star on the crotch of the middle man :)

8.  Wear One of  Dem Chamber-Pot hats
These chamber-pot hats were all the rage 4 years ago, and I think also during the CAF Championship. I have friends with pictures of themselves wearing this hat on facebook but I had to resist the urge to put one of their photos here, especially since I just named it a chamber-pot hat, and don't want to lose any more friends over this blog:) so I got this image from David Ajao's blog.

9. Rock it like a fashionista
Say you're that girl who has to look on point wherever you go, including the stadium. Say just a regular Ghana t-shirt and jeans won't do for you, then do what you do best and suppress the rest of us by wearing one of these MAKSI or ReneeQ fashionista outfits.

10. Pull a Zoom Lion
If you care about the environment and want to do something with trash, supporting the black stars is a fantastic way to be a little like Zoom Lion. Just look at this dude...all decked in  cans. I believe he thinks he's wearing a necklace.Move over trashy bags, now it's time for trashy bling!


That's 10 ways you could wear the flag. What d'you think? If you've seen or can think of other ways, to wear it please share in the comments and send me some links to photos:)

Bonus Idea
Imagine a store in Accra that sells every conceivable Ghana football paraphernalia:Jerseys, arm bands, posters of the footballers from back then till now, books, scarves, flags, footballs, tees from 54 kingdoms, and kayobi clothing, shoes, postcards, mugs...Not asking for much. All i'm asking for is a football haven where a football lover could find everything at once! This store would be run by someone who is completely obsessed with Ghana football. Someone who could give you a quick history lesson if you needed one. It just would be a cool thing to have. Maybe it would also make money, but that couldn't be the point of it really.


  1. :) really interesting post.....given that this is the coldest World Cup in history i suspect the image link below will make a good addition :)

  2. Oh oh oh, I have an idea- wear it on your finger and toe nails! Or wear them on your feet :)

  3. @Nana, that would indeed be hot. I wonder if anyone has done it and has photographs. See, if we had a proper football shop, some photographer could do some shots and make some postcards. Wouldn't that be bright and colorful? Nice fingernails painted red, gold, green, black star!

  4. Some of those pictures had me laughing out loud, especially the buns of steel!

  5. I'm sorry, but can't scroll past the 'eyed' buns so could not read your entire post Esi. But I'm trying charle, it's just soo hard (pun intended)!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I lost it all when I got to the hard buttocks, but I managed to keep it together to the end!
    Reminds me of the saying that Monkeys place their nuts on the ground and climb up to the crown of the tallest tree ... no, not to admire the nut, you nut! To jump down and land on it with their buttocks ... and their butts are so hard, the nut is effectively (and always) cracked open.
    Monkey-botoss. Hehehe!!

    On a more serious note, Esi ... it's the bonus idea that had me shaking my head sagely.
    If there is any wise rich person out there ... they oughta start this, and cut you in on a commission. Its a fab idea!

    P.S. Sorry, I couldnt make it to Afrochic June preview ... but I promise to order my picks online. I truly truly truly truly love the collection!!

  8. Excellent!! I must say, being in South Africa the first week of the World Cup i saw some unique ideas!

    I hear that the Ghana government paid for 1500 supporters from Ghana to fly to South Africa for the World Cup!

  9. Awesome post. Love it. I just referenced it over in my blog so hopefully more readers coming your way. I do love the chamber pot look, myself.

  10. Hi Esi, thanks for 'bigging up' MAKSI's World Cup outfits. The support is much appreciated.


  11. Never was much of a fashionista, but I will rock the blouse...

  12. thanks 4 the interesting ideas and trying 2 be part of this world cup only comes every 4 years! check ur email 4 pics of my nails with the GH colors from CAN 08....Go Blackstars!!! :)

  13. lol,easily the most refreshing 5 mins of my today. Tres interesant Esi, if i wasnt 2-pack short of a 6-pack, i just ighta gone 4 the body painting one, lol.

  14. 2 years ago my sista had her hair in red, yellow, green corn rows. was quite nice actually! i'm still smarting from the pain of being knocked out by Uruguay.....

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