Monday, June 14, 2010

New Directions And Combina-Chic

Hi Good people,
Dare I hope that you've missed me? I know I've been MIA. Guess why? I'm in the big bad US of A visiting the husband!I had 10 pieces of chicken wings from Domino's for lunch. Hmm...

But even though I haven't been writing, I've been thinking of writing, what to write about etc. Actually one of our awesome readers, Tell it like it is came up with a brilliant idea to do a post on homoing in secondary school. Since I knew I'd be in the US, and therefore lazy, I invited Kwaku Dankwah of The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge to write it. He happily agreed. But it's been over a week and still no word from Asomasi. So yeah, put some pressure on the dude. Spam his blog. Demand your blog post from him:) I've already sent him a facebook message telling him my readers are demanding their blog post:)

So i'm getting bored with the way the blog runs currently, and frankly, after almost 2 years, we've said much of what we wish to say in the way we've been saying it. So we're gonna change direction a little bit. Going forward, i'll be doing lots of articles which will hopefully tell you something you didn't already know. So we're getting deeper into the "what yo' mamma never told you". Yes, we'll still do the reminiscing and the story-sharing that we currently do, but we'll also be doing a lot of discovery. 

By discovery, I mean trying to answer the questions: Who are the emerging authors to read? Where are the  fitness clubs to join? What are the most interesting Ghana jobs? Who has them? And how can we get them? What are the best Ghanaian companies to work for? Where are the dopest night clubs? Who are the people to watch? Where are the places to eat? What are the emerging social clubs to join? Is Accra getting old school? What are the new hip towns to live in? causes to support? Blogs to read? Photographers? Magazines? Some of this has been tried in the past by myself and other bloggers but what's going to be different here is that instead of doing single profiles of writers or painters as I've seen people do, I'm going to be talking about "sectors" or "spaces" and then pointing you to the individuals and the work being done in them. So for example instead of saying oh hey, look at this cool dude with brilliant ideas, I would do a post on "10 Emerging Ghanaian Thinkers" and then I'd include him in the list. I can't wait to start but this kind of thing requires a lot more research and talking to people so please bear with me. I got plans for ya:)

So whilst we wait for both Asomasi and my 1st blog post on the things yo' mamma didn't tell you, I just wanted to let you know of an event that's happening this  Saturday, June 19th! AfroChic Limited is having a day-long preview of the July Collection - the Combina-Chic collection. It's your chance to have first picks of this collection before it hits the www.  See below for the flyer and directions to the event.

PS: What should I bring back from Abrokyire?


  1. Here's wishing you all the best with all your new plans. can't wait to see what this site transforms into next!

  2. Looking forward to the new posts, and I love the Combina Chic collection already. Enjoy your US trip, don't eat too much chicken, lol,...

  3. Ei Esi! You are eating love paaaaaa. Have a fun trip.

  4. Esi! I owe u an eml reply, o!:-(

    Great to hear from you--and that ur doing well. Enjoy funtimes with hubby--aint love grand?;-)

    Looking fwd to the blog. I admire your prolific nature...keep the fire burning!

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  6. Hey, keep on writing dont stop. The pause was uneasy. Thanks for bringing smiles to those of us whom home is a distant memory.