Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ghanaian Childhood Songs That Take Us Waaay Back.

Remember when we were kids, there were all these songs that went with play. Especially with girls games. Some of the songs make me laugh now. They make so sense. hehe. Please help me remember them.

1. Drop it

I drop it
I drop it
I drop it
I send a letter to my lover
On the way I drop it.

Please don't lie. Some of you were singing this song like so:

Lɔɔ Peter
Lɔɔ Peter
Lɔɔ Peter Lɔɔ
Peter send a letter to my lover
On the way I lɔɔ pit.

2. Roooobert. Rooobert.
Robert Mensah Goal Keeper Number One
Aka nansa na w'ako abrokyir (3 days before a trip abroad)
Kwasea bi te ho ompe ne ho asem (a stupid but innocent man)
Wafa pentoa, ode awo ne mfe.(stabbed him with a broken bottle)
Ade kyee yea ne yere w'awo (the next day his wife had a kid)
Ne yere ba de sen? (what was he named?)
Kofi Anto
Kofi Anto w'anto ne maame (Kofi Anto did not meet his mom)
Kofi Anto w'aanto ne paapa (Kofi Anto did not meet his dad)

3. Aduuu Aduuu Aduuu (monkey monkey monkey)
Adulee (monkey tail)
Gye ponko leee (is not a horse tail? )


4. I met my boyfriend at the candy shop (The prudes that we were...boyfriend was soon changed to bestfriend)
He bought me icecream and he bought me cake
Mama mama
I'm so sick
Call the doctor
quick quick quick
Doctor doctor
Shall i die?
No, my darling, you won't die.

5. I went to the chinese restaurant
To buy a loaf of bread bread bread
They wrapped it in a brown paper
And this is what they said said said
My naaame is humpty dumpty
sugarling darling
rolling aaaa
chinese japanese chopsticks!

Somewhere in the middle of this song, you don't know the words so that's where you sing it biara biara:)

6. There was this one game. Whilst jumping rope or skipping rope as we called it, we'd have to choose all the things you wanted in life. Like husbands name, how many kids you'd have, what kind of wedding, and what kind of car you'd ride in to your wedding. lol. And i particularly remember the options for that one.

Abongo lorry, toyota , 504, ebini car.

7. London bridge is falling down
falling down falling down
London bridge is falling down
My fair lady

What songs did you sing whilst playing?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ghanaian Beaches Worth Exploring

This post is for Peju Adeniran who is in Ghana for the next week and wanted to know which beaches in Ghana are worth exploring.

Try Langma beach. A public beach with a private feel

Situated off the Kasoa Highway and close to kokrobite and Bojo beaches, Langma beach is a spectacular and clean strip of white sand where you can get delicious grilled lobsters and barracudas served with freshly ground local peppers and chilled drinks. But what we really dig about Langma is it’s free. Yup. Free. As in, no gate fee, no hidden charges, free. if that were not enough, it’s never crowded so it feels like a private beach even though it is public. Why hasn’t anyone told you about it? We hate to break it to you but you’re probably hanging with the wrong crowd. So if you’re an exercise freak, or just want more fun than a dip in the ocean, go find some of our friends, local beach boys like Richard and his friends and if you ask politely, they’ll invite you to join their friendly football “matches”. Just one advice - don’t attempt if you’re a sore loser. A last but important point. I've never lost anything at Langma but I've lost money and cameras and pdas at Kokrobite beach just nearby before so just keep an eye on your wallet and other valuables.

Tawala: A romantic spot in an unlikely place
Second on our list is Tawala beach, which in addition to the powerful waves, offers a bar for the adults and a playground for the kids. That’s if you go there in the daytime. At night, the place is the ideal spot for lovers, who can choose to go for a long walk on the dimly lit beach or look at the stars. Yeah, Ghanaians typically don’t do much star-gazing, but it’s okay to be weird so go right along. If you choose to have your dinner there, order Tawala’s special hot banku which is usually served with grilled tilapia and topped with fresh onions and tomatoes. I also hear their chicken is amazing...maybe the best in Accra. And, if you’re feeling really freaky, you can walk to the far side of the beach away from the drinkers, diners, and lovers and take a skinny dip! Just don’t get caught. But hey, if you do, you can feign insanity.Tawala is located behind the La General hospital.
Visit MokoCharlie for more images.
Osekan. Live crabs and live band in the heart of the city.

Yeah, crabs. The place is a little-known beach hang-out called Osekan.  Nestled smack in the busiest commercial districts of Accra, Osekan is the place to go when all you want is a relaxing evening by the sea. For a small gate fee, you can dance to a live band playing indigenous Ghanaian music. Or just bop your head to the music whilst sipping  some cold mini star or club beer. Or even, watch the crabs scampering on the sharp rocks as the powerful waves break repeatedly over them.

For more images of Osekan, visit Mokocharlie

Big Millys. Lanterns and Fresh Fish

 My first and only time at Big Milly’s, I went for dinner with my friend Andrew who needs to leave Boston and come back to Accra soon, because I think Harvard was supposed to have been over in May. lol. Hint?! Okay, back to Big Millys.They have these beach huts which they light at night. And the food is served on low rectangular tables that resemble tables you’d have in nursery school. BUT, each table is lit with a lantern! So you get this very romantic mood and the food is all very fresh and well prepared. They also sell some arts and crafts right next to the restaurant so perhaps if you’re only passing through Ghana, you can get some gifts for your peeps on the other side of the world.

Fanta’s Folly. A lovely beach for a tenth of the price.
Of all the beaches on this list, this is my absolute favorite. It came strongly recommended by my Cameroonian colleague so my husband and I went on a little getaway to this awesome little beach place which is off Agona junction in the Western Region and fell in love. Fanta is a beautiful Nigerian woman who will make whatever you want to eat...a fantastic attentive chef. She also speaks French and makes exotic dishes with local fish. You can have shrimps, lobsters, cassava fish or whatever the catch of the day is.  Try the crepes and omelettes. The beach is quiet and pristine. The rooms are clean and comfortable. You’ll sleep in mosquito nets, and have no light after 10 pm. But what a charming charming place! We plan to go back soon. We only paid about 30 cedis/night, so you can stay as long as you want. Compared to beach hotels, Fanta’s folly is a steal!

Alright. So that's my list. Accra peeps...are there any more beaches I haven't mentioned? I guess Bojo and Afia Beach also deserve mention, eh? Any more?

To Peju, who inspired this post, please watch out for tomorrow's post which will answer your other questions. Enjoy Ghana! It really is as special as I say it is. Promise!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shout Out To Ophelia and Famia and Adwoa, and ...!

Dear Blog lovers, 
I am alive and well. I haven't posted in a long while. Life gets in the way. BUT...expect a post this week. Sooner than you think.

In the meantime, I thought I'd send a Shout to Ophelia who saw me at Old Bob's Place on Friday Night and said hello! You know yourself. You were with two guys, one Carl and the other whose name I have forgotten. Thanks for reading this blog. Thanks for being a fan. Thanks for being super-fabulous and making me feel like a million bucks. Wishing you a beautiful week.

Shout out to Famia. I'm rocking one of dem earrings that you gave me. Feeling fabulous...I have a spring in my step today because of you. Thanks for being of those people that is so awesome I couldn't possibly hate. Thanks for reading this blog. And for just being impossibly cool. Most of all, thanks for being my friend.

Actually, shout out to all the wonderful chicks in Accra. Like Fabulous Feminists Kuorkor Dzani, and Nansata Yakubu, and Irene Salia, and even Kosi  who is not a feminist...yet. And Therese...we need to catch up soon. Thanks for the waakye and free coffee whilst I was in Philly. And Rosy, and Nana Darkoah, and Esi Foleson, and Lizzie Biney-Amissah and Fiona Wilberforce for being such a positive positive person, and giving me free hugs:) 

Shout out to all my friends even if i'm not the best person at staying in touch...Grettle, Boahemaa who i haven't spoken to in 6 years but who got married recently, and AKNK--girl you should have a clothing it AKNK hehe, and Maame Fobi, and Efuwa is Okoree?, and Baaba Andam...are you gonna come visit me someday or do i need to invite you?,  and Yram Foli for not giving up on me, and Maxine Totoe, and Manuela Ayee. When do we get to come for PhDing graduation?, and Candy Baffour-Awuah - I think of you sometimes. It sucks not being friends. And to Marian, and Viva, and Nicole...congrats on moving to Gh! You're so brave, and your kids are to die for! Shout out to Rita for courage to live in Ajumako. And Mammie whose kids are really pretty to look at, and Rebel Ryter...u disappeared from gmail chat!, and  Charlene soon?, and Adwoa B-Plange, and Nana Denkye everyone who's gonna get pissed because I forgot to include her name. Please don't hate me:)

Special Shout to Awo Duse, and Nasa. The office is not the same without you. Pls come back soon.

Shout out to Adwoa Perbi. Been a wonderful weekend for AfroChic. Hurry back so we can change the world.

Shout out to Alima of Lola Bello Clothing and Nelly of Duaba Serwaah Jewelry. Go You!

Sorry guys, this is for chicks only. Except well...M.anifest. Shout out to you. We should catch up soon. Oh and Mutombo. No calls? Huh? lol.

Have a wonderful week, all!

One of these days, we should have a hot beach party like this girl right here in the photo.