Monday, July 19, 2010

Shout Out To Ophelia and Famia and Adwoa, and ...!

Dear Blog lovers, 
I am alive and well. I haven't posted in a long while. Life gets in the way. BUT...expect a post this week. Sooner than you think.

In the meantime, I thought I'd send a Shout to Ophelia who saw me at Old Bob's Place on Friday Night and said hello! You know yourself. You were with two guys, one Carl and the other whose name I have forgotten. Thanks for reading this blog. Thanks for being a fan. Thanks for being super-fabulous and making me feel like a million bucks. Wishing you a beautiful week.

Shout out to Famia. I'm rocking one of dem earrings that you gave me. Feeling fabulous...I have a spring in my step today because of you. Thanks for being of those people that is so awesome I couldn't possibly hate. Thanks for reading this blog. And for just being impossibly cool. Most of all, thanks for being my friend.

Actually, shout out to all the wonderful chicks in Accra. Like Fabulous Feminists Kuorkor Dzani, and Nansata Yakubu, and Irene Salia, and even Kosi  who is not a feminist...yet. And Therese...we need to catch up soon. Thanks for the waakye and free coffee whilst I was in Philly. And Rosy, and Nana Darkoah, and Esi Foleson, and Lizzie Biney-Amissah and Fiona Wilberforce for being such a positive positive person, and giving me free hugs:) 

Shout out to all my friends even if i'm not the best person at staying in touch...Grettle, Boahemaa who i haven't spoken to in 6 years but who got married recently, and AKNK--girl you should have a clothing it AKNK hehe, and Maame Fobi, and Efuwa is Okoree?, and Baaba Andam...are you gonna come visit me someday or do i need to invite you?,  and Yram Foli for not giving up on me, and Maxine Totoe, and Manuela Ayee. When do we get to come for PhDing graduation?, and Candy Baffour-Awuah - I think of you sometimes. It sucks not being friends. And to Marian, and Viva, and Nicole...congrats on moving to Gh! You're so brave, and your kids are to die for! Shout out to Rita for courage to live in Ajumako. And Mammie whose kids are really pretty to look at, and Rebel Ryter...u disappeared from gmail chat!, and  Charlene soon?, and Adwoa B-Plange, and Nana Denkye everyone who's gonna get pissed because I forgot to include her name. Please don't hate me:)

Special Shout to Awo Duse, and Nasa. The office is not the same without you. Pls come back soon.

Shout out to Adwoa Perbi. Been a wonderful weekend for AfroChic. Hurry back so we can change the world.

Shout out to Alima of Lola Bello Clothing and Nelly of Duaba Serwaah Jewelry. Go You!

Sorry guys, this is for chicks only. Except well...M.anifest. Shout out to you. We should catch up soon. Oh and Mutombo. No calls? Huh? lol.

Have a wonderful week, all!

One of these days, we should have a hot beach party like this girl right here in the photo.



  1. Oh, how lovely! And since I get to respond first, I'll pretend I'm the Adwoa in the title. Although I do get a small mention later on, yay!

    Have a lovely day, Esi... we'll be glad to read your next post whenever you're ready to share it with us. :-)

  2. Thanks for the smiles you bring to those of us whom home ( Ghana) is a distant memory. Dont stop writing girl, you do it well. Dont stop!

  3. and me ooooo, me! u forgot ur bff pamela kyeremateng. bahahaha. i just had to do this. now i don't feel left out. :D

  4. Hey Adwoa,I need inspiration for my hair. Please post some new photos soon. I've gotten so bla about the hair. I don't even try anymore. lol. I just wash and go. But i need to update my look soon. Can you help? Also, do you know anyplace in Ghana that I can buy natural hair products? Or even what I shd buy. Now i just shampoo with dark and lovely and put dark and lovely hair pomade in it and i'm gone. I have lots of raw shea butter though but i'm not using it.

    @Dagbe Ne Va...happy that u like it. I will try not to stop. Though if it starts to get boring for all of us, it would be better to stop than to continue for the sake of it. What do you think? But maybe y'all will come up with suggestions for how to keep it interesting in here.

    @Sports P! How can i forget you. How are the twins, and the boy?! Gosh i feel so late. When am i going to get preggers? haha. Come and visit me soon, will you? I'll make some afrochic outfits for the girlies. I miss u.