Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Where to buy Really Good Red Red in Accra


  1. Down the Papaye lane heading towards Blue Gate, about 200m when you turn off from the Oxford Street, right beside a lotto kiosk. It’s a tabletop setting with mini cauldrons on lighted coal pots. The food is sold by an elderly Ewe lady.  She has 2 varieties of Gari, smooth and rough (gr33w gr33w) 
  2. Ako-Adjei. 100m up the road on the right from the Kalamazoo/Mazera Junction
  3. Oxford street, down the Ecobank turning. Diametrically opposite where Bata used to be. Tongue-biting ewe style. You can identify by the long queues.
  4. For a Kobolor one, the Chez Julie junction, sorry, old skuul, away from KFC but same lane, go past Befarock on your left and continue straight, they are on your left hand side and have varieties, with palm oil, just oil, pepper etc
  5. Opposite Clarice

  1. Chez Afrique.


  1. Landing Restaurant. Their red red is posh.  
  2. Close to Nyaho Health Centre, opposite Starbow which is adjacent to Association International School. Tell them Sister Anne DStv sent you.

Captured, Edited and Published by Esi Cleland