Friday, March 31, 2023

About this blog

 I started this blog in 2008 as a way to document what is wonderful about Ghana. I shared it with a few friends. They shared it with a few friends, and in two years, it had become one of the foremost blogs in Ghana and arguably, the most beloved. It was written very much from the perspective of a returnee. 

After two years, however, my romantic notions of the Ghanaian experience began to fade as the not so wonderful realities became evident to me. I deemed it wise to attempt to solve, rather than complain about problems. 

Therefore, I became an entrepreneur, and along with a friend, pioneered e-commerce and social-media marketing in Ghana. Even though that business failed, I committed to entrepreneurship as my career path, and went on to learn how to succeed at it. Now in my twelfth year, I can share that my journey has been long, difficult, and rewarding. 

Developing and implementing solutions to problems has proved to be an enduring interest. My spiritual birth, marriage to a loving and supportive man, my role as a mother to our two delightful girls, and my relationships with my birth family, have challenged and stretched me, and as by God's grace, I have been able to find solutions to the problems I have encountered, I have grown. 

The purpose of this blog is now to share solutions to the common personal problems encountered by entrepreneurs. Specifically I write about how entrepreneurs can better manage themselves, and their homes so that they can be personally fulfilled, and enjoy life at home, whilst succeeding at work.

The name maameous was my late dad's nickname for me. It comprises two concepts. The first concept is Maame. Which means mother in Akan, a Ghanaian language. The second concept is -ous which - according to the Oxford dictionary - is English suffix meaning "having the nature of". If you put those two concepts together, maameous means having the nature of a mother or simply like a mother. So it is pronounced maame ous with something like a French liaison between the two elements. For those who don't know me personally, my first name is Maame Esi. 

So with all that ground covered, welcome! Don't stay here too long. I'll try to keep the posts useful and concise so that you're not procrastinating here, but finding information that you can act on to solve your problems. The older posts are entertaining, so I have organised them under the entertainment tab for when you need something to lift your spirits. I will be updating and adding new content to that section too. 

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