Friday, March 03, 2023

How well are you doing at managing your life?

We're given a life when we're born. 

And for the first fifteen years, if we're especially blessed, our parents manage that life for us. They determine what our goals need to be and they set in motion the actions that will enable us to actualise these goals. Sometimes these goals aren't communicated to us but if we look closely at the consistent actions of those who raised us, we will see that they are there. 

At the same time that this is happening on the home-front, the schools that our parents choose for us will also have some goals for us. And those schools will also try to shepherd us to take the correct actions that ensure that their vision for us is realised. 

At the same time, our church will also have a vision for us. And if our parents' vision for us aligns with that of the church, our parents will encourage us to attend church however they can. They might set an example for us by going themselves. If they are able to, they might have a daily devotion at home to encourage us to become followers of Christ.

As far as I can tell, these three institutions that mould us all want what is best for us. And what might that be? I believe it is for us to grow into responsible adults. 

Then at eighteen, we become adults. We leave home and go to university. At this time, we begin to manage our own lives. 

It is at this time that the downward spiral might gradually begin. But because our pot of responsibility has hitherto been quite well stocked by our families, our church, and our schools, we often don't notice when we're letting the wrong flows in or when say our stock of faith in Christ is slowly depleting. Most people start to notice that things aren't going well at about age thirty when the stock has noticeably declined. Some also focus on only one aspect of life - education, and subsequently career and their success on this front at a stage when they have no other responsibilities make them believe that they are succeeding at life. Certainly that's what I thought. 

Here's what took me a long time to learn:

When we become in charge of our own lives, we're essentially given a management job. And how we do this job determines whether our lives will be profitable or not. 

How well do you think you're currently managing your life? Profits everywhere you look? Problems every where you look? Some profit and some problems? More profit than problems? When I speak of profit, I don't mean money. What I mean is good outcomes.

A well-managed life has many elements. See here for all the elements. By good outcomes, I mean: Are you maturing spiritually? Is your marriage thriving? Are you happy with your children? Are you healthy, however you define it? Are you proud of your character? If your life meaningful to you? Have you nurtured a few good friendships? How is your relationship with your extended family? Have you chosen a career? How well is this career going? Are you happy or chronically depressed? What is your quality of life like? Are you growing intellectually? Are you financially stable? 

Don't feel bad if you're not managing your life very well right now. Management is a skill and like all skills, it can be learned. If you'd already figured all this out, you'd have no room to grow. Also it never really ends. The top of one mountain is the foot of another mountain as the expression goes. You can start where you are and even though it's going to take several years to get there, I'm here to help you along your journey. 

I love management - both its study and practice. I hope that over time, you'll see why it's so awesome. And importantly, that you'll benefit from it as you apply its lessons to your life. 

Until next week, Adios!

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