Friday, March 24, 2023

Why entrepreneurs need goals

Last week, I explained what goals are. Today, we will tackle why we need them.  

Life is made up of infinite choice. But we have only one body and one life. Which means we can’t experience all the options before we die. Therefore we need to choose which experiences we will have. 

Additionally, within these infinite choices include positive and negative experiences. If we do not actively and intentionally go after the positive options, we run the risk of having the negative options. If we don’t choose the good, then we’re choosing the bad. There is no fence.

Why we need goals

Goals are a wonderful privilege because it’s how we exercise choice over which experiences we have. Choosing a goal is like browsing the store of life, and saying yes to the good options and no to the bad options. But that’s not all. Even within the good options, we still have to select which resonate with us enough that we want to commit to pursuing them. 

Therefore, my experience has taught me that goals have only one purpose, albeit one with far reaching cascading consequences. And it is this: the purpose of goals is to help us to make meaningful choices. To say yes to the specific options that mean something to us and say no to all the others.

We are always choosing, whether we realise it or not. Every day, God gives every one of us 24 hours. Filled with choices. The quality of the selections we make contribute greatly to the quality of our outcomes. 

Now you know why we need goals. I'll be back next week to offer an approach to help you determine your goals. Until then, enjoy your weekend and Nyame nka wo ho!

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