Wo Se Ekyir

This page will be updated to contain the posts from the early years (2008 - 2010) ordered from earliest to latest. These posts were meant to solve the problem of lack of available writing that celebrated life in Ghana as I knew it. They were inspired in part by the Fante proverb: Wo se ekyir nyε  wo dεw a, εhɔ  ara na etafer which means if the backside of your teeth doesn't taste good, you have nowhere else to lick but that.  Fundamentally, the proverb preaches the value of celebrating the good and repairing the bad rather than discarding it. 

#1 - Getting back on the road

#2 - On being Ghanaian: Invitation to meals

#3 - An honest discussion about momoni

#4 - Chasing shadows of the past 

#5 - The rasta man in Ghana 

#6 - Living in Ghana - What's Good, What's Not? 

#7 - First impressions of Lagos: Ghanaian's perspective

#8 - A new kind of relationship 

#9 - The there is not there 

#10 - No one teaches you how to have sex

#11 - Giving up on love

#12 - Letter to my imaginary sister

#13 - Mrs Woarabɔwodzin

#14 - Letter to my imaginary childhood friend

#15 - No One Teaches You How to Have Sex - Yoknyam's Response

#16 - "Joint" Review , Funny Beggars, and Long-Winded Stories

#17 - Bus Trip from Aboso to Accra

#18 - Your Poppy Talk You Say You For No Marry Ayigbe (Wo) Man. I Lie?

#19 - How Ashale-Botweians* Used Their Kokromoti Power

#20 - Abɔdam so ne ho mfaso nye dɛn? (tr: Is there any value in craziness?)

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